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About Banff

banffCome visit the natural beauty and energy of Banff, and connect with your potential at the Amaryllis Crystal Garden.

The town of Banff is located within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Nestled within the Canadian Rockies along the Trans-Canada Highway, just 126km west of Calgary, it is a popular resort town best known for its hot springs, outdoor activities and mountainous surroundings. The town boasts many unique shops, restaurants and accommodations.

Due to its natural geophysical wonders, Banff (and Alberta as a whole,) is considered an area of concentrated subtle energy deposits. These deposits are mainly influenced by earth energy; namely geothermal activity, electro-magnetism and underground water. Banff is thought to have many energy vortexes – a meeting ground for subtle, invisible energy. Native wisdom believes that these are areas where the physical and nonphysical worlds connect and merge.

‘Alberta is considered to be a major high energy area, ranking as one of the “Top 50” Earth energy centers of the World. According to a ‘vortices listing’ from the Becker-Hagen Planetary Grid Map, central Alberta is a MAJOR energy zone, located northern 50-55 degree parallel. This grid map displays Earth’s energy system as a geometrical patterned shape, similar to a crystalline structure, with pathways that intersect and create major energy node points – strong energy places.’ (