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Singing Bowls

Martha-sound bath in nature_ 2014 10 09We are pleased to be the largest Canadian distributor for Crystal Tones, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. These unique bowls are made with 99.992% high quality, pure quartz crystal which makes their sound incredibly resonant. Not only can you hear the pure tones they produce, but you can also feel them within your body. This positively affects all of your energy centres (chakras), which naturally allows them to help you heal, become balanced and enhances meditation.

Each bowl is a unique, one of a kind production. The pure quartz crystal is blended with only the finest in gemstones and precious metals, resulting in works of art. By adding these elements to the quartz crystal, you are getting the added benefits of these gemstones and precious metals. The pure tones of the bowls resonate not only with the cells of your body, but are also specific to each chakra.

For a truly amazing meditative and healing experience, try a sound bath – multiple bowls are selected specifically for you and when played, surround you with their powerful healing tones. Book a sound bath today and have the most unique healing experience available in Banff.

So how do the bowls affect our bodies so profoundly? Every part of our body, down to cellular level and DNA, are crystalline in structure. This allows them to respond and resonate with the frequencies produced by the alchemy crystal singing bowls. The benefits of each bowl are unique to its composition, size, shape and frequency.

The beauty and sound of these bowls can only be truly appreciated in person, so come browse our crystal garden while listening to the crystal bowls CDs, and see which bowl resonates with you!

Keep an eye on our workshop page for upcoming courses on Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls!