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Day 1 – Embarking on an Egyptian Journey

October 29th, 2018

I am at the very beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo. I’ve had a few days of rest and relaxation in preparation for the amazing Egyptian journey we are about to embark upon. Jet lag has not visited me on the way here, so I am grateful for that.

There is a zoo across the road from our hotel and I decided to go visit it with a few people. I didn’t spend too much time there, but I wanted to spend time with the lions and the elephant. It really is incredible, the contrast between zoos. It’s quite amazing, the difference when you connect and communicate with different animals in different zoos around the world and especially when communicating in the wild. 

Getting back to the hotel required running across two three-lane roads. The traffic was absolutely insane and I had a hard time finding a gap in the vehicles to be able to run across the road. Finally, one man in a car recognized this and stopped his car in the middle of the road. He got out of his car, left the door open, and stopped traffic on both sides to help me cross the street. I would call this a death-defying act here in Cairo. Once I was on the other side, he went back across the road and got into his vehicle. I was very moved by this. The people here are just so lovely!

When we got back to the hotel, our group went into a meditation with Yantara Jiro and the Crystal Bowls. This time was spent getting our bodies prepared for the incredible energies and downloads that we will be receiving.

It’s so great to see some very familiar faces from other trips that I’ve done. Some of the people that have come with me, who have never been on one of these tours before, have said they just cannot believe how amazing this trip is already! I chuckled because we have scarcely started. A lot of people are already having some pretty intense, very lucid dreams. It’s fun to get together and hear all about everyone’s unique experiences. Our group consists of people from Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, United Kingdom and Canada.

I feel very blessed to be able to have the opportunity to do yet another Sacred Tour.

Good Night

Day 2 – A Night at the Egyptian Museum

October 30th, 2018

Our tour guides are truly sensational! By afternoon, everyone had arrived. I am pleased to notice and hear that tourism is picking up here in Cairo. You can tell that the economy here is better compared to four years ago, broadening the gap from the Revolution. The food in this hotel has been second to none. I just don’t think that we will have anything less than an incredible experience with food as we carry on with this tour.

We boarded a couple buses and went to the Egyptian Museum. We had the whole place to ourselves with a private tour! As soon as we approached the museum, I was in awe. The iron gates and large entrance doors were breathtaking! We had an hour-long guided tour and then an hour on our own. Our guide is an Egyptologist and is so passionate about the history and is extremely knowledgeable.

The artefacts are really interesting and the statues and the meanings behind them are so symbolic. A lot of this is expressed in symbology and metaphors as opposed to literal meanings. The story of Osiris, Set, Isis and Horus, I will get into more in future days.

There were so many coffins that kings and queens were buried in that were on display they had so much carving and gold on them. There was a room with remnants of actual mummies, somewhat intact and partially reconstructed. The testing has shown actual hair, teeth, etc. of the actual gods. We had to pay extra if we wanted to go in that room. A few of us entered and it was quite an experience. The energy of the mummy of SETI and Queen Hatshepsut felt so strong I had to leave the room. Several people felt ‘off’ and left the room sooner than they intended. Our guide’s advice in the museum, especially with this room, was ‘Feel it but don’t be open’. 

I found it quite incredible how embalming and preservation of the physical body were so important to the ancient Egyptians. They put organs into different containers that were then buried with them.

King Tut’s burial was especially unique. One side, where his head would have been, was made and carved specifically to keep bad spirits away from him. Our guide said that his children used to have very bad dreams so he had a headboard made like this and his kids never had a bad dream from then on.

I asked why there was so much interest in preserving the body if their belief was that their soul would enter into another body when it returned. He answered by saying that the body is our temple and if we didn’t honour, care for and respect it, even after death, then our chance of living forever could not be. I wish I could spend more days here indeed. But, oh, there’s so much more to take in here in this land so rich in history.

…and the irony of being there in the evening… a night in the museum, a day before Halloween. 😉

There is so much to discover in this fascinating part of our planet.

We left and headed for supper on a boat on the Nile. The food??????? SO, so good. Everyone enjoyed themselves and there was lots of laughter.

After dinner, we left for the hotel and arrived back at 9:30 pm. A quick meeting with the organizers and then heading to bed at 11:30 pm to awaken at 2:00 am. Our luggage has to be outside our room by 3:00 am for pick up and breakfast is from 3:00-3:45 am. After that, we’re on the bus at 4:00 am and heading to the airport to fly to Luxor.

Here goes the marathon….

Day 3 – The Incredible Karnak Temple

October 31, 2018

Folklore says that Osiris ruled the North of Egypt while his brother, Set, ruled the South. A balance of the good and the bad. Set, out of jealousy, killed Osiris and dismembered his body and threw the pieces in the Nile. Osiris’ wife, Isis, is said to have retrieved all but one of his parts and then hovered over his body and became impregnated and gave birth to Horus. Each place where one of Osiris’ body parts had landed in the river, a temple was built. 

So here we go. Jumping an early morning plane to Luxor where we will board a cruise ship and travel the path of the Nile River as it shares its pathway with our Milky Way. Along this journey, we will be stopping at different temples to get a deeper understanding of this ancient, yet not forgotten world. 

The one hour flight was gentle on us, as we are only functioning on 2.5 hours of sleep. It is very different here from Cairo. The traffic seems to be a lot less intense. A lot of donkeys pulling carts with vegetation, driven by farmers and many motorcycles carrying families without helmets. 

Our guide is an Egyptologist and has such incredible information. He was telling us that this is the heart chakra area. So much about the land and the chakras here. The ancients were so in tune!!

We passed by the Luxor temple on our way to the boat. We will be visiting it in the night with lights. Can’t wait! There has been a lot of destruction over the centuries. Our guide says that at one point they say there were 17,000 enormous statues there. 

Our guide pointed out that a lot of the houses do not have roofs on them. They have ceilings that are covered but the roof is not completed. All of the houses look like that. He said that if it’s completely, 100% finished with the roof on, they have to pay taxes. If it is not 100% finished, as in ‘no roof’, they do not have to pay the taxes.

We got to our boat, got assigned our rooms and then had lunch at 11:30. We boarded the bus and arrived at the Karnak temple at 2:00 pm. It is very very hot. Our guide explained that this is one of the most powerful sites in Egypt. 

The temples were built like the human body they were designed to hold the spirit so the entrance is just like the feet of the body. Then as you enter, there is a common area which is like the thighs, where the common folk could go. If you continue through the rows of towering columns, that would be like the abdomen that was only open to priests and queens, etc. Then forward to the chest which was only open to the gods and goddesses. Following that area was the sanctuary, which is like the head, and was only open to the high priest. It was closed off by two very large solid 24-carat gold doors.

We remarked how churches, mosques, etc are built in this same likeness. They claim that this type of architecture was to house the Spirit, as is the human body. We were told that when the statues were built they were activated, in other words, having life. This was done, in part, by putting crystals into the base of the statues.

A lot of the statues are built with the left foot going forward. They believe that you enter the next world with the left foot stepping forward first. If you moved first with the right foot, you would stay in the past. 

Will continue the evening tour in a few hours. Gotta get to bed. Another early morning lays ahead!

Day 3 cont’d – Luxor Temple and so many Orbs!

Continuation of October 31st, 2018…

Where do orbs come to party?  Luxor Temple!!!!!!

The evening of October 31 here in Egypt. We are at the Luxor temple. This place is best seen at night as the columns are lit up and this highlights their magnificent structures. When I was here in 2014, I could not believe the number of orbs that were here and tonight was no different.

We spent a fair amount of time just sitting in meditation in a place of stillness and connecting with the life here, past and present. I sat at some point with my back against an intact column and felt the energy running through me so strong. I could also feel and even see the energetic signatures of this place even though so much of it is destroyed. It came alive tonight as it once was. It is believed that, in its entirety, it had 17,000 standing columns. It felt like I was there when it was in full physical existence. Could see and feel all the daily life as it was happening. I guess I know why now why I have come to be so involved in the healing of sound and vibration. The reawakening of the frequency and light within my cells are feeling so intense right now. 

Sometimes we know not why we go where we go or do what we do, but we are always being led in the most aligned direction for us, we just need to be open and surrender to it. Feeling the blessings.


Day 4 – Seti Temple & Hathor Temple

November 1st, 2018

It is Thursday today and as we were going on our way to Abydos, and the temple of Seti, we came across some markets on the side of the road and there was a lot of raw meat hanging in these roadside markets. Our guide informed us that they do these market days on Thursdays and they are treated as a celebration. This is typically the day when many babies are conceived. On the day before they plan the market, they bring a sheep, or whatever animal they choose, to the street to show it off and then it is killed and freshly hung for sale the next day at the market. It is this meat that is highly sought after for buying. It is believed that the consumption of this fresh meat, gives the man the strength he needs to help conceive a child.

It is interesting to observe that there are not very many women walking in the streets. It is mostly the men who are out.

Whilst riding on the bus I noticed that the scenery here is nothing but desert. As we were getting closer to the villages, leaving the desert land, I observed that there was a fair bit of farming sprinkled throughout. I have no idea what the crops are but the green vegetation sure stood out. The villages are pretty rundown. Many houses have thatched roofs where the middle has fallen in. I saw a cute little child standing in the doorway of one of these places and you could see that their living area was pretty much just underneath what was left of the existing roof, around the edges and not in the middle.

The backbone and the head of Osiris were buried here in Abydos, our morning meditation is here at the temple of Seti. Here, it is believed that Set came back to life as Seti to do some healing on the karma regarding him killing his brother, Osiris, in his previous life as Set. Seti means ‘I who was Set.’ He was trying to make things right. It is believed there is a temple underneath Abydos to honour Osiris.

Together, we all participated and Yantara, once again, spoke the language of light. We connected with all the chakras to activate them. With the number of people in our group doing the same and then sending out the frequencies of love, appreciation and gratitude you can’t help but feel like you’re bathed in the vibrations of gold, diamonds and roses. There are huge benefits to being with a group of people like this. When you expand yourself that big and everybody’s doing the same thing, activations, meditations and upgrades seem to be stronger.

A short walk outside reveals an area where the Flower of Life is lasered into the pillar. The Flower of Life is a geometrical shape composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower-like pattern with six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. It is believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things and is the visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings. We did a meditation from a distance on reconnecting with our original blueprint, that of our original self before imbalance, disharmony and dis-ease, held within the flower of life. We asked for that upgrade and reconnection with that powerful pattern.

From here, we boarded the bus to head to Dendera Temple (Hathor).

It is suggested that the Hathor temple was a place of love and joy with dancing and music. The hieroglyphs show Sekhmet playing a drum with bigger than normal hips which symbolizes shaking of the hips. Another depiction of another being playing the harp. The large columns in this Hathor (Dendera) Temple have the faces of Hathor’s that look like they’d been destroyed and chiselled but actually, they all used to have gold over their faces and the gold had been removed. So much gold!

I could just imagine what these places looked like when they were in full colour with all of that gold still in place. In one of the areas, there was a block of stone lifted from the floor which revealed the tops of other columns showing that there was another temple below this one. They cannot destroy temples so they just bury and build on top. I find this mind-boggling as the columns are massive. So there is a lot of burying. Hmmm… 

My rose and platinum bowl seemed to have a stronger frequency in this temple.

The ancient Egyptians had a great interest and worshipped the summer solstice as well as other significant cycles. They built structures to honour the power of the sun’s patterns. There was an area where, once a year, they placed a particular golden statue of Hathor (the Goddess of Merrymaking) in the pathway of the first summer solstice light that shone through a small opening in the rock. This shining of the light on this day, on this statue, was believed to activate it. They were very committed to activating statues. After this day, it was removed for the remaining of the year and brought out again the following year on this special day, which is considered to be the start of a new year.

Yantara performed a meditation and activation in a room with the very strong Stargate of Venus. On the ceiling showed Nut (Goddess of the Sky). Really spectacular! A few of us played our bowls in this space which enhanced the experience. The Hathor’s are the beings of sound, after all. 

The ceiling in another room has an inscription of the zodiac. It is in a circular pattern with a focus on the four directions. Everything has meaning and is respected. Such a focus on natural cycles. ie: seven days in a week, 12 months in a year, etc.

I took a video inside the temple today and when done, I was told that video is not allowed, but they said I could keep it. One of our guide’s daughters chuckled and said, she figured that mischief follows me, and she laughed, after all, she took the video for me so I pointed out that perhaps we were similar. 😂. I will be interviewing her on video tomorrow.

Came back to the boat and had dinner then wrote this blog and headed to bed. I am overwhelmed with all the significant meanings put into the structures of these temples. Off to dreamland in my room on this Nile riverboat cruise. I feel blessed. 🙏


Day 5 – Temple of Hatshepsut & The Valley of the Queens

November 2nd, 2018

4:00 am wake up to transport to a sunrise meditation at the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  Hatshepsut was the longest reigning female pharaoh in Egypt, ruling for 20 years in the 15th century B.C., and is considered one of Egypt’s most successful pharaohs. A lot of Hatshepsut’s temple, which was built into the hill, was destroyed. Some of it is being uncovered but not a lot is open to the public yet.

It was noticed, on the way to the temple, that there were a lot of tombs built into the sand hills. Some look just like holes into the hills and some have structures built over them. There were many hot air balloons in the sky heading up to catch the amazing sunrise over the area of Hatshepsut Temple. They looked really amazing, spotting the sky with their colours. We arrived just before sunrise and aligned ourselves at the front of the temple to face the sunrise. A meditation to the sun… this temple is well known for this.

We left the temple and headed to the Valley of the Queens. This is a place of many tombs. A new tomb just opened to the public and it is in unbelievable condition. It is the tomb of a child, roughly around the age of 10. We received a great explanation from our guide who was able to depict the pictures and glyphs on the walls that told the story of the boy going through the journey of his passing to eternal life. This showed him journeying through gates, being lead by his father until he reached the final gate and entered into eternal life. The walls of colourful pictures are behind glass for preservation. It’s so amazing to see all that the Egyptians went through during these times and how their stories live on through these pictures and hieroglyphs. On one of the walls, it showed someone using tuning forks for healing. I’ve started doing sessions on the boat now and am using tuning forks during some of the sessions. They are better understood with this exposure.

We left and spent time on the boat cruising. This gave us some down time to enjoy our cruise and the scenery on the banks of the river. Five times a day there are calls to prayer. They are sent out quite loudly from a mosque and it seems to really ring out across the water. Sounds soothing.

After supper, we went by horse and carriage to Edfu (city of) to the temple of Horus, the Falcon God. We had 25 horse-drawn carriages in our procession. It was quite neat going through the town and seeing it this way.

After about a 20-minute ride, we arrived at the temple and watched a brilliant light show at the temple that told the story of Horus. It was quite moving and brilliant with colours. We will go back to experience this temple during the day but it was nice to see it like this at night.

On the way back there were so many people lining the streets on chairs gathered around watching random televisions in the streets. They were watching a soccer game that had them very excited. It was so fun to see the streets so alive like this.

We have now arrived back at the boat with hopes of a really good night’s sleep.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to catch up on blogging, pictures and visiting. I feel so blessed to be back here in this wonderful country!

Day 6 – Floating Down the Nile

November 2, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we are floating down the Nile River in Egypt! Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself as a reminder that I’m not dreaming!

Today is a day off for everyone with only a 2-hour afternoon workshop on the boat. I did a couple of sessions today. Had a couple of organizer meetings also. The rest of the time was spent on the sun deck. It’s incredibly hot here. Could not sit for long in the hot sun. Haven’t tried the pool yet either.

My group got together with our tour guide and he spent an hour answering any questions we may have gathered up to now. He is so incredibly knowledgeable. By the end of it, everyone was overwhelmed with incredible information. We agreed to sit with him again. He’s loaded with valuable, ancient history of Egypt. He explained that the pyramids and temples had many powerful crystals put into them to activate them. The crystals were stolen during the Babylonian time. This was told to him by his good friend, Zachariah Sichin.

We floated by a long stretch of land that used to be the quarry that the limestone came from to build the Temples. There were some caves and small structures that the Quarry Masters used as offices and a refuge from the hot sun. They then became used for more tombs and shrines.

My eye seems to be a little bothered and is swollen a bit. Lucky me though, there are two Eye Doctors in our group so its well taken care of. Already starting to see the swelling going down.

The day ended relatively early for me. Planning on a good long sleep.


Day 7 – Aswan & Felucca boats

November 4, 2018

I can’t help but think about floating on the Nile and its alignment with the Milky Way. There are even stories about another river of gold that runs in the opposite direction below this one. Oh, there’s so much we don’t know! So much is out of our comprehension but I’m open to it all. Expanding my mind with information and experiences is a favourite for me.

Had some leisurely time today on the boat. Then we docked in Aswan and at 4:00 we headed out to a Felucca ride to watch the sunset. We had 6 boats. These Felucca boats are like sailboats. Little boys sat on paddle boards and would come to each boat singing songs in hopes that we would give money.

Our guide took an empty water bottle and dipped it in the river water. I couldn’t believe how crystal clear it was and had no smell and was nice and cold. He said that just a little further up, away from where the boats dock, the water is great for drinking. There was a shrine built atop a hill. We asked our guide what it was for. He stated that years ago the Egyptians believed that anyone who was born mentally handicapped, was not from this planet. When they died they would build a shrine for them. We cruised along Elephantine Island and watched a gorgeous sunset and then headed back for supper.

After the meal, we walked to a market. It is one mile long and had so many vendors. It’s quite different than some of the other markets I’ve been to in other countries. The vendors seem to have a lot of fun and are quite respectful. There was such a mixture of goods. There are so many locals and such cute and friendly little kids. I really love immersing myself into the culture of the country I’m in.

Came back exhausted, had an organizers meeting, then slipped into bed. I’m grateful that I have my own room. It would be tough on a roomy if I had to keep them awake with my blogging. Laying my head down feeling grateful for this opportunity.

Day 8 – Isis Temple Sunrise

November 5, 2018

Would you awaken at 3:15 am to have a private ceremony with Isis and witness the sunrise at her temple?  Well, I would, and I did! We left the boat at 4:00 am and drove to get on a smaller boat to go to Isis Temple. It is on her own island.

We did a group ceremony for one hour inside the temple and then headed to another part of the area for a waterside quiet and meditative witness to the sunrise. …and it couldn’t have been a more spectacular sunrise!

Then our group had a guided tour with our English speaking guide named Emil. Within this temple, the ancients built several other smaller temples. They built one for Hathor one for Horus and different gods. You would go in and do different things depending on what that God represented. For instance, the Hathor small temple was for merriment, music and joy. So if you felt you needed that then you would go in and play music, dance or just feel the light energies.

There were carvings on the pillars of the God Bes (protector of households and, in particular, of mothers, children and childbirth) playing the harp, and another playing the drum. There was also a healing temple if you needed an apothecary or healing work done. I must admit that this is my favourite temple. The Goddess energy is so strong and healing here. Isis was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. Could be why this energy is so strong.

This temple had to be moved to higher ground as it was underwater from the Nile. So in the 1960’s they moved the entire temple and all its structures, smaller temples, columns etc., to this island which is a few metres away from the original site. I am grateful for this and cannot fathom the work that this involved. We spent a few hours here spending alone time. I feel blessed.

We returned to our boat and had a meeting to learn about the makings behind the flower of life/pyramid pendant that Yantara and another designer created. It was three years in the making. My goal is to bring them in to sell at Amaryllis Crystal Garden. They emit such strong energies. Made with yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and with white, black, yellow and pink diamonds. So stunning!

We relaxed for the rest of the day. I did a couple of sessions then enjoyed sitting on the upper deck cruising down the river and just taking in the beautiful sites of true life on the banks of the river in the countryside. Watching people working the fields with oxen and donkeys, little villages scattered along the way, and the distance sounds of the call to prayer 5 times a day.

The evening was a surprise for us all. Our guide arranged a dinner at a most incredible restaurant to celebrate his 10-year connection/friendship with Yantara. When we arrived and walked into the courtyard of this place, many oooos and ahhhhs were heard. It was spectacular. It was called ‘Old Cataract’. This is the place where Omar Shariff spent a lot of time and many other famous people. Agatha Christie stayed here when she wrote ‘Death on the Nile’ We were treated like royalty and the food was second to none. Our Canadian group of eight were so full of laughter…..yep, I couldn’t stop all night! Everything was so lighthearted and funny. Our entire group is so amazing. It doesn’t matter where you come from, we are all one. This trip is good proof of that.

We came back to the boat and I arranged to exchange a dress I bought at the market for another size. I’m so happy to have it as it is a perfect ‘Goddess’ dress for special crystal bowl playing ceremonies back home.

What a wonderful day this has been. Thanks to the Goddess energies of Isis to start the day. Good nite to all, under the Egyptian sky.

Day 9 – Temple of Horus and Interview with Luke Elijah

November 6, 2018

It is said that Horus (Edfu) built his temple atop his Uncle Set’s Temple, who killed his father Osiris, symbolic of the light conquering the dark. We experienced part of this temple at night a few days ago but now we’ll see it in the day.

We had free time on the boat until 2:00 pm, so I did a couple of sessions. Then we left the boat and jumped on horse and carriages to travel to Edfu Temple, which is the Temple of Horus. As we rode down the streets I noticed how alive they were with the smells of incense and freshly baked bread and people scurrying about the streets. Young children running alongside the carriage just to say hello. So beautiful! A beautiful experience of Egypt.

We arrived at the temple and saw that the floor in the common area was partially smooth with new stones while the other part was the uneven original stone. As the years have passed, there was a concern that the uneven floor was a tripping hazard for tourists so they started to uplift the original uneven floor to build a smoother one. It was then that they noticed the top of columns of the Temple of Set that confirmed that Horus built on top of Set’s Temple to conquer him. They stopped pulling up the floor so as not to release any of this energy from below.

Our guide clarified some of the stories told in the hieroglyphs on the walls. It was prophesied that Horus was to conquer his Uncle Set, for having killed his father Osiris. He was leary to do this but due to the prophecy and the sport of his mother, Isis, he went on his journey to complete the task. The pictures along the wall showed the story as it moved along. Everything has so much meaning when you know how to read it. We are grateful for our guide, Emil. For example, the hippo inscription represents darkness. I can better understand the flow of this information, though in no way could I interpret it.

There was a room, within the temple, that had all the information of common diseases written on the walls and their cures. I could feel and smell this room. It had some smell of bats but there was an underlying smell of medicines for these diseases. I’m sure I smelled this through my subtle senses, though a few others expressed that they had the same experience. Perhaps some people may have downloaded the codes for the healing of these diseases.

All of these temples that we have visited show large statues of the gods with their left foot forward. This is so that they can come back to life. However, if they lead with the right, they wouldn’t be able to come back. On one of the statues, the left foot was destroyed by someone so that they couldn’t come back.

The doors entering this temple were said to be two feet thick and made of solid cedar. The doors are no longer there, but you could see where the hinges were, showing that they must have stood 25-30 feet high.

I didn’t resonate all that well with the feel of this temple. It felt very heavy compared to Isis Temple… perhaps the strong difference between the feminine and the masculine energies. Nonetheless, it was still awe-inspiring.

We returned to the boat via horse and carriage. I did an interview with Luke, our photographer, that I posted on Facebook and also on our YouTube channel (see link at the bottom of the blog) and then he offered me a Thai massage. It was really great. I had no idea my neck and back were out so much!

After supper, it was recognized that there was some heaviness in the group so the organizers had a meeting and decided that we should have a party to help move some of these energies out. What an incredible party it was! There were few girls from China that were excellent belly dancers and dressed in their costumes and performed. Many others dressed up in Egyptian costumes that they had brought. I borrowed a dress from the onboard store and an Egyptian mask and joined in the dancing and partying. Everyone had so much fun! The staff on board brought out their drums and performed for us. Such a great time! It was a good way to wrap up our time on the boat. We leave for the Red Sea tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to a date with my pillow now.

Click on the image to watch Martha’s interview with Luke Elijah: