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December 7th and 8th, 2018: 
Whole Body Vitality Presentation at Giddy-Up Acres, just 15 minutes outside of Cochrane, AB. 9 am – 1 pm, both days.

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We are excited to be hosting this presentation again! Join us on Friday, December 7th or Saturday, December 8th at Giddy-Up Acres just 15 minutes outside of Cochrane. 

Join us for an informative morning with three passionate speakers with over 80 years of combined experience and expertise in their respective fields. Our goal is to help with two things:

1) Shed light on what may be holding you back from achieving your health goals. 
2) Create a workable foundation that will work for you, so you can truly look and feel your best.

Friday, December 7th from 9 am – 1 pm
Saturday, December 8th from 9 am – 1 pm

Where: 272240 Grand Valley Road
go to for directions. (Please do not use Google Maps as the pin is not in the correct location and so will not get you there.)

Cost: $30/person

Registration is required as space is limited. 

To register:
call: 403.851.0333


Martha Birkett
Martha has always had a passion for health, which has lead her to explore many avenues to help her clients. She will explain the value of early detection within the therapies of Whole Body Regulated Thermometry and ElectroAcupuncture.

Randy Fritz
Randy is a certified nutritional consultant and plays an important role in Vitality Analysis and has for 27 years. Vitality Analysis is a very unique testing tool that measures whole body vitality and provides vital clues to the priorities of the body, food sensitivities, and then creates a personal program. 

Jim Pendree
For over 30 years Jim has been teaching people about the body, what it requires to self-balance and regenerate, and what foods and lifestyle choices will often stop this process. He especially enjoys talking about digestion, and will also explain the importance of acid/alkaline balance and many other subjects.

• Discounts on specific therapies will be offered to those in attendance. 
• Samples of Sunrider Enzymatically Live Whole Foods and beverages will be available to experience.
• An integrative Sound Bath with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls will wrap up this incredible day.