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Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

We are pleased to be the largest Canadian distributor for Crystal Tones, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. These unique bowls are made with 99.992% high quality, pure quartz crystal which makes their sound incredibly resonant. Not only can you hear the pure tones they produce, but you can also feel them within your body. This positively affects all of your energy centres (chakras), which naturally allows them to help you heal, become balanced and enhances meditation.

Each bowl is a unique, one of a kind production. The pure quartz crystal is blended with only the finest in gemstones and precious metals, resulting in works of art. By adding these elements to the quartz crystal, you are getting the added benefits of these gemstones and precious metals. The pure tones of the bowls resonate not only with the cells of your body, but are also specific to each chakra.

The beauty and sound of these bowls can only be truly appreciated in person, so come browse our crystal garden while listening to the crystal bowls CDs, and see which bowl resonates with you!

For a truly amazing meditative and healing experience, try a sound bath – multiple bowls are selected specifically for you and when played, surround you with their powerful healing tones. Book a sound bath today and have the most unique healing experience available in Banff.

Keep an eye on our workshop page for upcoming courses on Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls!


Alae Eros Modal Mantra Scarves

A truly unique, wearable form of art, we offer Alae Eros – one of a kind mantra scarves made in Italy. The modal fabric that these are made from, are organically produced from renewable cellulosic plants such as eucalyptus trees or bamboo. Inspired by Leonardo Di Vinci’s discovery that prayer and meditation are 10 times more powerful when surrounded by violet light; the colours chosen for these scarves were specifically chosen to mimic this light. Prayers and holy water are used to ceremoniously bless each scarf. Surround yourself with the peaceful embrace of a Modal Mantra Scarf and enhance your meditation and healing journey.


Zakay Glass Lighting

From Bangalow, Australia, we bring you Zakay Glass Creations. These amazing lighting sculptures evolved from natural geometric patterns and sacred symbols. They are three dimensional works of art that are reminiscent of sparkling gemstones – facets and symmetries shimmer as colours of the rainbow bounce off their bevelled edges when they are touched by natural and artificial light. This unique lighting combines stained glass techniques with glass formations that merge modern with esoteric design. The patterns that they radiate are spectacular to behold and create their own works of art on all the walls upon which they shine. Add a functional piece of luminary art to your home as a conversation piece or to enhance your spiritual journey.


Tuning Forks

When you mention tuning forks, most people think of the implements used to tune a piano. However, like a piano, we can tune our bodies to help function at our optimal physical balance. The Biosonics aluminium tuning forks and our stainless steel sets from Switzerland are easy to learn and use; they will help you experience a deep state of relaxation and meditation, help reduce stress, improve your immune response and blood flow. There are so many benefits to the tuning forks that you need to experience them. Have them for personal use, or add them to your healing modalities in a professional setting. Come visit us and feel the benefits of the tuning forks.

Check out our workshop page for upcoming tuning fork workshops!


Art Work

Local artist Diane M. Anderson has been sculpting bronzes for many years. She creates very limited edition bronze sculptures for collections worldwide. Traditionally, Diane’s subjects have been based on those found on the working ranch with spectacular detail and to world-wide acclaim.

A recently new departure from her traditional sculptures, her latest Mystical Series continues to show her amazing talent. Mystical Treasures (unicorn) and Mystical Guardian (Pegasus) let your imagination soar and lift your spirits. Combined with high quality gemstones and precious metals, these works of art can’t be missed. They are available in limited quantity, so come in and see examples up close and order one before they disappear forever!



We are pleased to offer unique selections of Swarovski jewellery and belts, custom jewellery by Luissachi and much more. Come see our display and see what catches your eye!



We are thrilled to offer a stunning array of crystals, most in their raw form. Come in and experience the world of raw crystals. Whether you have a crystal in mind for any purpose or just want to connect with one that might be resonating with you, we have many that could fulfill your desire. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have very competitive prices for our stunning pieces. Come in and experience the world of raw crystals! Our supply is increasing on a weekly basis, so check them out.