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When asked how a person, who had a beautiful set of bowls, was enjoying her bowls, her response was as follows:

Martha, my friend,
I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you the incredible gift you have given me. In 6 short months they have sang sweet harmonious vibrations from Newfoundland to British Columbia and from the Redwood Forests in California to Vancouver Island’s Old Growth. I have provided sound therapy in Yoga Studios, Shamanic Journeys, various plant medicine Ceremonies and this past weekend I played with loving intention at a First Nations Wedding. I have recently begun discussions with a local massage therapist with ideas of offering clients Massage therapy and Sound Therapy in the same appointment. As time goes by I hear myself asking less questions like “is this really a thing?’” and saying more things like , “I had an awesome idea, I am going to make this a thing!!” This fall I am traveling with my bowls to Peru where I will reconnect with several elders in Ceremony. As well as Indonesia, where I will meet with a local Balinese Sound Healer.

Everything is so new and exciting Martha!

So to answer your question…….yes, I am using my bowls LOL!! Everyday I am full of questions and ideas. Always a student, my bowls my teachers.

My journey…

When Martha introduced me to the Crystal Tones alchemy crystal singing bowls at the Amaryllis Crystal Garden, I was awed at the way they looked, felt and sounded; but could I use them for healing? I learned more about the bowls, and eventually I had a few healing sessions with Martha where the bowls were incorporated as part of the therapy, and my eyes were opened to the possibilities. Now as a practitioner who owns three bowls, I incorporate them into my massage therapy practice. Sound bowls allow you to feel the sound and vibrations throughout your body – my clients always leave feeling more relaxed and happy! They are a great complement to my practice and my clients love them!

Now with the Amaryllis Crystal Garden open, I can’t wait to have a sound bath in Banff! The selection of bowls is fantastic and I’m sure I’ll be purchasing another one to add to my practice!

Kathleen Mackay, RMT, CEMT

Thank you to Martha Birkett for opening this world of vibration and sound therapy to all of us!  I truly feel an awakening happens when you receive the healing vibration of Crystal bowls.  It is a kismet experience that stirs deeply in your soul, you are forever changed.  I am both humbled and in awe of the powerful healing and beauty that the Crystal bowls bring into our lives.

Forever grateful,
Nicole Nicholson