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Workshops – Linking Awareness

Course with Martha Birkett

When & Where: Sept 15, 16, & 17th,  2017  Cochrane, AB.

Time: 9am – 5:30pm daily

Course Fee: $850.00

Early Bird: $750.00 – Must be registered and paid in full by Aug 31st, 2017

Monitor: $425.00

Youth Fee: (16-18yrs): $425.00

Please email or call the Amaryllis Centre for Healing to reserve your place – numbers are limited.

Phone: 403-851-0333


Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey is:

A Healing and Communication experience. By Linking Awareness though the Heart connection of one Sentient Being to another we experience deep communication & healing.

Linking Awareness also provides you with an opportunity to LISTEN & ‘talk’ with all Sentient Beings. Often non-verbal Sentient Beings can become frustrated at your lack of understanding their thoughts, emotions, & intentions when they directly communicate them to you, & so they may resort to methods that you do understand, via physical actions…

“Sentient Beings”; is a technical term in Buddhist discourse. Broadly speaking, it denotes beings with consciousness or sentience or, in some contexts, life itself. Furthermore, & particularly in Tibetan Buddhism & Japanese Buddhism, all beings (Including plant life & even inanimate objects or entities considered “spiritual” or “metaphysical” by conventional Western thought) are, or may be considered sentient beings.