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Zackay Glass Lighting

Zakay Glass Lighting


From Bangalow, Australia, we bring you Zakay Glass Creations. These amazing lighting sculptures evolved from natural geometric patterns and sacred symbols. They are three dimensional works of art that are reminiscent of sparkling gemstones – facets and symmetries shimmer as colours of the rainbow bounce off their bevelled edges when they are touched by natural and artificial light. This unique lighting combines stained glass techniques with glass formations that merge modern with esoteric design. The patterns that they radiate are spectacular to behold and create their own works of art on all the walls upon which they shine. Add a functional piece of luminary art to your home as a conversation piece or to enhance your spiritual journey.

These spellbinding Luminaries seem to speak some sort of enchanting language to the soul.Do you agree?

Posted by Zakay Glass Creations on Sunday, August 14, 2016