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Zaphir Shanti Chimes

Zaphir Shanti Chimes

Well known for over 30 years, Zaphir chimes, hand-made in France by Atelier Zaphir Sari, are appreciated for their quality, crystalline sound and beautiful colours. WIth their relaxing harmonic sounds, these chimes are wonderful tools for relaxation, yoga, meditation, Feng Shui, sound sessions and different forms of therapy. 

Each instrument has eight metal chords of different lengths, welded into a metal ring. Upon assembly, the chords are carefully tuned to refine the interaction of tones and overtones into a circular flow of harmonies.

The five tunings are in relation to the five seasons and elements of Feng Shui:

CRYSTALIDE – G A B D A G B D – spring
SUNRAY – G# B C# E G# E A C# – summer
TWILIGHT – E G B C E G B C – autumn
SUFI – F A D F A G A D – intermediary
BLUE MOON – D F A B C E A# C – winter

Each tuning is available in 21 glowing, marbled colours of original Shanti design.

The proportions of the cylinder coincide with the “Golden Ratio” principles of Da Vinci, thus assuring an optimal sound and resonance.

Most of the materials used are natural, recyclable and of EEG origin/standards. The protective layers of varnish and paint of the resonance tube are ecological and the wooden parts are wax coated.

It is best to hang your chime in a dry place, like an open window or and overhanging roof to avoid weather damage as these chimes are not intended, nor designed to be exposed to inclement weather. Like many objects left outside, regular maintenance with varnish or oil will help to protect, but cannot prevent th negative affects of weather conditions, nor will it prevent the colours from fading.

Resonance tube:
height: +/-125mm
width: +/- 65mm
total length of the chime: approx 40cm

Although children love the crystalline sound, these chimes are not toys. Children under 5 must be supervised if you choose to let them handle the chimes.