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Bosnia – Day 7

Today we will be staying indoors to have workshops all day. This feels like a good break. Yantara had asked me to instruct a 2 hour workshop for the group , so my topic was ‘Polishing Your Subtle Senses’ I am excited to present it this afternoon. We started at 9:00 with a presentation by Theo Yeh and then followed by Yantara’s presentation. We then broke for lunch and then I began at 1:00. It seemed to go over quite well. Had to get used to pausing for the Chinese and Japanese interpretors. I feel it went well. This was followed by a channeling of Hermes through Yantara and then a presentation by Dr. Ana Zikic about the Mayan calendar. Then a closing toning session with Yantara. It was a great, informative day. One of the quotes that was in Dr. Ana’s presentation that seemed to resonate with me was: “Who owns your time owns your mind, own your tie and know your own mind” Jose Arguelles. I skipped supper and went to have a lay down Then had a short meeting with the Canadian and Australian group and then headed out to do two more sessions. Now back to bed………. I am sleeping really well and solid but just not long enough. Oh well, guess it shouldn’t matter much as we are getting some incredible downloads of energy on a daily basis. Feeling blessed to be on this journey and sending good vibes back to Canada xo

Bosnia – Day 6

This morning we headed out at 9:00 am to the Skakavac Waterfall. The roads were very narrow heading to the waterfall. Vegetation touching the van on both sides. We then started our climb up the mountain to the waterfall, that took a long time. It was stunning. There were many switchbacks to get us to the height that we were getting to. Very narrow dirt roads with no rails on the side of the roads. Those that sat on the passenger side of the vans were a little nervous. Especially when the one turn was too sharp for the van to make so it had to back up and maneuver to start the climb again. At some points it looked like there was no earth below us. Stunning stunning scenery. They make movies out of this type of land. On our way up we came across a small (seemingly abandoned house) seemed so odd that anyone would live way up here. I can’t imagine trekking this everyday. There were some goats and the first 2 horses I’ve seen in Bosnia so far. We got out of the vans and then had to hike down 850 metres to the waterfall. Hiking along rock cliffs and gorgeous scenery. We sure are getting our exercise on this trip. Loving it!!! We got to the water fall and had a meditation.. It’s so beautiful. I sat along the slope of deep grass and beautiful flowers and enjoyed the moment, took a few pictures and then put my camera back in it’s case and ………….. oops, it slipped my grasp and rolled ever so happily into the water and down it went. It managed to stop on a rock just before a bridge that some of our group were standing on. One of the participants happened to have a hiking stick with her and reached over and got it, while I was carefully managing my way down the creek-side in the slippery grass. I dried it off with a towel and then Theo sat for 15 minutes shaking it while little droplets of water flew. I asked our photographer what I should do as the lens had water on the inside. He suggested that I put it in a kilo of rice overnight. I did that so we will see how it looks in the morning.

We spent an hour and a half at the waterfall and then began our ascent up to the vans. We headed back down the narrow road till we came to the place where the ‘seemingly abandoned house was’ and realized that this was our ‘restaurant’. It was spectacular!!!! The food was delicious and they put on an amazing spread for our large group. I cannot believe how wonderful the food is, it’s presentation and the care they put into all of it all of the time. We ate outdoors on picnic tables and then spent time in the meadow looking up at the hills. One of the guides came over with a very small glass (similar to a miniature vase) that was full of a golden liquid. He said it was honey (that’s all I got out of his broken English, they seems to have a lot of honey here). He encouraged me to take a sip and ‘oh my’ I’d like to meet the bees that make this honey. They must be cross-eyed and fly very crooked. It was their local aperitif……I passed it round and some took the taste. I was told that they love this and everyone has it. When we left the restaurant, one of the ladies from the kitchen put two large bottles of this in my hands and insisted that I take it home. One is clear………probably a type of moonshine. I have a friend from Bosnia that I am sure will be grateful for this. These people are so happy to share in their joy with us. We thanked our amazing chefs and went on our way. We then were heading into Old Town Sarajjevo-Bascarsija to have a tour and then some shopping and out for supper. I ended up coming back to the hotel instead and did another session on the gal that fell the day before. She was thrilled that she was feeling better as she was in bed all day. She was heading to the airport later after my session. I was gonna catch a cab and go back into town, but decided to relax in my room before I had to do two more sessions in the evening. A lot of the women here are blond and really beautiful. The one downside for me is that everyone seems to smoke and my respiratory system is rejecting. Between that and the necessary air conditioning, as it is soooo hot and humid here, I am sneezing and going through Kleenex like crazy. Perhaps a lack of sleep is catching up to me as well. Busy all day, sessions at night, writing in my journal/computer and then to bed after midnight every night. Oh well, it’s not everyday one comes to Bosnia…………

One of the things that I noticed driving through Sarajevo is that they have small flags on the lightposts that have the name of the district on them, BUT the theme of the flags is the ‘golden arches’ from MacDonald’s……….. Obviously a big influence here.

Heading to bed now with my lavender pillow and my box of Kleenex.

Bosnia – Day 5

It is a good morning, sunny and looking like it will be a hot one. Headed out to do an early morning session for someone before breakfast. Our van always seems to be hot and the air conditioner is never enough.. So they agreed to give us a new van. We all loaded into a new Mercedes van that had wonderful air con. (we convoy with 6 altogether). We started down the highway and it quit. So we limped our way for another kms or so until we had to stop and wait for another one to get us. Everyone else carried on ahead to Tumulus. We sat in the van and visited to pass the hour of waiting, while 3 of us played bowls for the group. Nice hot morning. By the time we arrived at Tumulus the others had already had their meditation at the top. We headed up the hill. Tumulus means Open Gate. They call this hill the gate to the pyramids. This just looks like a grassy hill, but when they excavated a part of it, they exposed some flat rocks that all fit like a puzzle together with equal space between all the slabs. The energy that comes from these cracks is so strong. You can feel the tingling on your hands when placed over them. They said that when someone was uncovering them, he had stopped to have a cigarette. When he bent down with cigarette in hand, the gap between the rocks sucked in the smoke of a cigarette and a bit later, released. It’s like inhaling a cigarette into your lungs and then exhaling it. When it rains, the water goes into the ground and the next day, they notice it runs down through these cracks. It’s like it gets brought into the hill, collected and then transformed and released later and becomes exceptional drinking water and very healing. This is a phenomenon that they are still researching. The rocks that this hill was made of is made of the same ‘concrete’ that the pyramids were built of. On of the blocks of stone is 23.6 tons. They estimated the strength of a relatively strong man, and decided that they would need 437 men to move this one rock. But the rock is only 4 metres long and <2 metres wide, so the amount of men needed to move this couldn’t possibly fit around this rock to move it. So what has moved these rocks and placed them so precisely. They did a core sample and broke the first drill. Used another and then continued to drill further down and 60 metres down they hit a hollow space – a chamber. They are supposing that this could be a tomb. One day, perhaps, they will drill into this and discover what it is, or what may lay in this chamber. Tumulus is 40 metres tall, so therefore 1/3 of the hill is below the surface of the earth. It takes 250 years to make 1 cm of soil, therefore is there is 100 cm of soil on top of Tumulus, then it would have taken, minimum 25,000 years. Wow there is sure some history in this place. Tumulus is also dome shaped, which is not natural especially when it randomly in a flat valley with no other hills around. This was a very high energy place.

While we were doing a meditation at the top in the spiral force of energy, it started to rain……..not too hard but it felt really wonderful. The weather here, changes quickly.

We then headed to the Moon Pyramid. More climbing. Some people are starting to get tired. This pyramid is said to be waking up. It feels like it’s doing a good job of that, as everyone felt it. We only went partway up as the trail is not excavated to the top yet. There is little exposure on this pyramid……just lots of trees and vegetation. One place, part of the way up, was exposed. Layers and layers of flat stone. I am in awe!!! We meditated here and then came down and bought some raspberries from the locals. So delicious. They are really keep farmers and gardeners here. After that we had a delicious lunch at the base of the Sun Pyramid and then climbed to the top of it. The time spent up here was phenomenal. The pictures that follow will show this. I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing. The toning and bowl playing that was happening on the Apex was magical. My bowls are certainly getting super charged. One girl fell coming down the pyramid so when I got back I did some work on her. She felt much better, but booked a flight home to Taiwan. Did two sessions tonight and now I’m spent. Gonna drift off into a land of magic……..oh wait I’m in that here in Bosnia. :o) If I ever get to sleep before midnight, that would be a magical phenomenon.

Bosnia – Day 4

Another early morning this morning. Starting to get busy with sessions being booked. I guess I just can’t get away from work. It’s just fine though, I love what I do!! We left at 8:00 for the 1 hour drive to the Nature Park Bijambare. We arrived at 9:00 and had a 2.5 kms hike to the entrance of the cave. The Cave (Bijambare Caves) (They are 470 metres long and up to 30 metres in height) The acoustics were amazing. 94 people toning with bowls. The specific cave that this picture is taken in is called Donja Cave. We entered and the temperature was quite warm outside. 28 degrees and then dropped to 5 degrees when inside the cave. There were steps going down into it. We learned that there were 10 different animals (mostly mice, bats and insects) that live in the caves. They have grown accustomed to the dark and cannot manage in the light. I was overwhelmed with the incredible, stunning beauty of these caves. We walked a long distance single file, to get to the end. Passing 3 caves before the end one. Then it really opened up to a big theatre type cave. 94 people were toning and I pulled out my ruby bowl and played it. It was a definite tear-jerking experience. I shall never forget this experience ever. The stalagmites and the stalactites were breathtaking and some of the formations of rock inside the cave just left the mind to really ponder who, or what inhabited these caves. We were told there was an upper cave, but the climbing was a bit too much for the group, and these caves had prehistoric human remains in them. We learned that there or over 50,000 caves in Bosnia. This country is sooooooooo amazing!!!!! How come I never knew this earlier??? We then jumped in our vans on very very narrow roads and headed to the Stone Spheres. These stones are in someone’s back forest. Lucky them. They were so honored to show us them. These penetrate our energy bodies and tune the body’s yin and yang. They are perfectly round smooth stones made different than anything else. Similar to the rock that the pyramids are made of. The centre of these stones have powerful energy emitting from them. No one knows how they were made. There were 80 stones that turned up when there was a big flood 80 years ago A lot of people took them for their houses, not realizing what they were. So many were broken. There are still quite a few left, along the creek that we were at . We did a meditation with them and I sat on one and played one of my bowls. It was just magical. The owner of the house that is on this land, had a broken one and so he had mini spheres made from it and I bought one. They seem to have the same energy. We then headed to another location where there was a massive sphere. I believe it weighs in at 7 tons. We had another meditation here and spent time just feeling into the area. We headed back to the hotel and stopped along the way to use a toilet at a gas station. Imagine 94 people coming at you to use the toilet?????? But then everyone bought stuff, so they were really happy after all. Had our first experience at the Park of the ‘hole in the ground’ toilet. Just stand and squat. Reminded me of Indonesia. Some just couldn’t do it. Made me chuckle.

I feel really good in this place. The people are so incredibly friendly, food is great and scenery is truly spectacular. It is really AWEsome. So many forested hills and rocks and valley, non stop. There is something very special about this place. Guess that’s why the largest pyramids in the world were built here.

p.s. forgot to mention………if you want to volunteer excavating the pyramids and tunnels you can check out

Also learned that the ancients understood that we have 5 physical senses and 30 spiritual senses. Now we understand we have 5 physical senses and 1 spiritual sense. We really think that we are the smarter civilization…….REALLY?????

Another forgotten tip………Dr. Semir told s that the Russians brought prisoners to the tunnels and pyramids to excavate and after 2 weeks the violence level went down to zero.

Oh goodness, am I ever gonna get to bed early??? Good night, laying my head down in great appreciation for what I am blessed to be experiencing. When we do another one of these tours, don’t miss it…………SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Laku Noc (that’s goodnight in Bosnian) ;o)

BosniaCaves BosniaCavesPath MarthaBosniaRubyBowl

Bosnia – Day 3

Well, this was a powerful day, I must say!!! I guess they are all going to be, just as I expect!! It’s not taking long for the participants to realize just how blessed they are to be here for this tour experience. I awoke early (4.30) this morning as I was eager to get my words and thoughts on paper. Went for breakfast at 6:00 (food here is really delicious), then returned to room to get ready for the day. We headed to the Sun Pyramid to climb it from the northern side. It had been rainy weather the day and night before so the steps were quite slick. The earth here has a lot of clay in it. We started climbing and came to our first excavation part of the pyramid. As we were split into two groups our first group carried on to the second excavated part, then stopped there for a meditation. We learned a great deal about the Sun Pyramid. I will list a few key points here to help you understand and get the feel.

  • They estimate that the pyramid of the sun was built from approx. 20 million tons of material from the tunnels.
  • The construction of the slabs to make the pyramids, is made of a type of concrete that is stronger than any concrete made today.. It also has a a much lower water absorption than any other concrete of today which is about 3-4%. The rocks for the pyramids is 1%
  • The first rock that was found is 4.5 metres long, 1 metre wide, 5 centimetres thick and weighs 7 tons. It is bound together with clay.
  • One rock has 10 cm layer of clay and then there is another layer of rock, they have uncovered 5 layers so far.
  • They cannot destroy the rock from the outside in order to enter the pyramid, so will work on entering through the tunnels.
  • They found fossilized leaves in the 10cm layer of clay between the top and second layer of rock, it is estimated to be 34,000 years old. (Carbon dating is 29,200 +/- 400 years) (calibrated date is 34,000 years) Oldest and largest pyramid (220 metres tall) on this planet.
  • The Sun pyramid is being cleaned by 2500 volunteers from 60 different countries
  • The dirt on top of the pyramid is between 12,000 and 15,000 years old.
  • Estimated to have existed through 2 ice ages.

What is the purpose of a pyramid?

It is not a tomb, but an energetic machine designed for communication. Energy is produced inside the tunnel/pyramid and then is sent out of the apex of the pyramid.

We laid on the rocks and had a meditation. Everyone could really feel the vibration coming from the rocks and the cracks between the rocks.

We headed back down the very steep steps and then off we went to a wonderful lunch at an outdoor restaurant. The food is so good. Bosnian food is incredible. I am avoiding the sweetness of the baklavas etc. They like their sugar. They also still smoke in the restaurants, took me back to the time when it was still allowed back home. Glad we changed those rules.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel.

I had a meeting with Yantara and Theo for 1.5 hours and then headed for a group supper. At 7:30 pm Dr. Semir Osmanagich came to give a talk. It is an honor to have had this time with him. He delivered a powerful powerpoint about his discovery of the pyramids. He mentioned that he went to the town of Visoko to go to the museum and happened to notice the forested hill. He noticed that it had four sides to it and decided to investigate it. He had it measured and sure enough it was facing precisely cosmic north and continued with four sides, which is not natural in nature. Must have been made. He spoke about the tunnels and the pyramids. He then presented the following information:

  • Feels that all of the pyramids around the world have been kept secretly from the population. He does not agree with this and plans to expose all their findings, as he feels it belongs to us all.
  • He spoke of the megolyths in the tunnels(ceramic type rocks in the tunnels that were placed over top of underground rivers, especially where they take a different direction of flow) He explained that when water hits something it creates energy. Inside these megolyths is a large quartz crystal. This generates and transfers powerful energies. So when the water hits the rock with the crystal, ceramic vibrates and creates it’s own electro magnetic frequency. This energy continues on through the tunnels, bouncing off the walls of the tunnels as it goes to the pyramids. Does this continue inside the pyramid? This is unknown as they are not able to go inside yet. Though there is a strong amount of energy created inside the pyramid where it continues upward and out of the top of the pyramid.. The energy in the tunnels is 28 khz. The ultrasound phenomenon is just over 20 khz. In K2 where the largest megolyth is in the tunnel, where we did meditation, is measured at 42 khz. Very powerful healing energies.
  • There is a mountain that people go to around here for natural healing, because of the high measurement of negative ions, which has been measured, using the Bovis Scale, at 5,000 negative ions. The healing chamber inside the tunnels measures at 18,500 negative ions. Places in Tibet that are used for healing is 12,000 negative ions. Inside there is a lake that was created through the energies of the structure of the tunnels and pyramids and measures at 25,000-40,000 negative ions. The top of the Sun Pyramid measures at 50,000 negative ions. Can’t wait to go back to K2 and the top of the pyramid. One can measure one’s own vibration quality with the Bovix scale. A healthy person measures roughly 7,000…….Imagine going in the tunnels and/or top of pyramid. He told us stories of people with some serious health issues that were corrected by simply going into the tunnels two times and spending 1-2 hours maximum in there. Their ailments disappeared and never again returned to the unhealthy state they were in prior to the tunnel experience.

He then spoke of all the different pyramids around the world. I was shocked to hear just how many there were. Our earth is full of them. He showed some pictures of pyramids where the gov’t had people plant trees on them in order to hide them. Incredible what is hidden from us.

A quote from Dr. Semir…………The world of the past is the world of pyramids.

I recall listening to a talk done by Gregg Braden and he showed pics of actual pyramids on the moon. So interesting. I am just curious as can be…… wonder I love all this traveling to places that hold such interesting things for us to discover. I am grateful to Yantara for bringing us to these.

Here is a list of the criteria necessary for a pyramids to be distinguished as such:

  1. Geometry of the pyramids……must be 4 equal sides
  2. The unique construction material
  3. Orientation of the sides aligning with the Northern Star (cosmic North). The Bosnian Sun Pyramids is 0 degrees + 0 minutes and 12 seconds, off Cosmic North. The most precise on the planet. (Egypt is 0 degrees + 2 minutes)
  4. Inner Passageways (chambers) These tunnels have 7 layers of tunnels.
  5. Underground tunnels. They have cleared 1,750 metres and still a couple of kms still to go to get to the pyramid.
  6. Underground water
  7. Sacred Geometry. There is an equilateral triangle from the Sun pyramid to the moon pyramid to the Dragon pyramid and back to the Sun pyramid. All precisely 2.2 kms apart
  8. Astronomical features: A shadows from the Sun Pyramid cover the moon pyramid at sunset.
  9. Location of the pyramids: Ther is a large iron plate below the sun pyramid, 25 metres below the water that generates electric magnetic energy.
  10. Volcanic Lines Bosnia has 26 volcanic lines
  11. Must be an energy phenomena

When Bioenergetic Fields are filmed, they are always horizontal. But above the pyramids they become vertical. The filming shows that the Bosnian pyramids are very active.

When they created the pyramids they used clay in between the layers of the rocks. Clay is a great sound insulator, it is basically water proof and flexible. So it will not collapse in an earthquake. It will just shift and go back to it’s original form. That is why they have survived for 34,000 years. (The last one ending 12,000 years ago). Likely 99% of the population didn’t survive but those that went into the underground resurfaced and started building all over again……another civilization.

All of this just intrigued me. I will stop with the details, just want you all to understand how incredibly healing and powerful they are. Yantara vows that we will be coming back in the future. Don’t miss it!!! Some members of the group are experience some great healing.

Well this is enough information for now. Everyone else, I’m sure, is sleeping and I certainly need mine. I am grateful to be experiencing all the incrediblness….if that’s even a word…….of this place……BOSNIA.

PS A mention about our tour company and all of the guides…..THEY ARE SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the entry to the caves, I hear it’s 5 degrees inside. Everyone’s quite worried about that, I laugh and say, I’m Canadian eh? hehe. I’m thrilled about what I’m hearing about these and a little nervous as I have never been inside a cave before, pushing past it all and getting excited to be going. Then we are off to experience the stone spheres. REALLY????? This is a powerful trip. It seems like all the ones I do are, South Africa, am I lucky or just an exciteable, passionate person. Haha A bit of all of that.

Good night and thank you for reading all that these fingers are typing. I just love to share my experiences to all of you that are interested

Sweet Dreams!


Bosnia – Day 2

We met for a delicious breakfast at 0830 hrs and then to the bus at 1000 hrs. We headed to the Ravne Tunnels. Looking out the windows, showed some gorgeous countryside. I learned that there is a lot of water, rivers, lakes and underwater rivers in Bosnia. It’s hard to believe that this was a war torn country just a few years ago. I feel that they have recovered really well. So far, my connection with our guides has been wonderful. If they are at all, any indication of what Bosnian people are like, then I can conclude that they are lovely people.

The time in the tunnels was really quite amazing. The frequency is measured at 28khz. We were told that this is the levitation frequency, the optimum healing frequency. There were places within the labyrinth of tunnels that the level of negative ions was so high that if you stayed in that place for more than 10 minutes, you could have an extreme detoxing experience. There were tunnels going in soooo many different directions. I couldn’t even count them There was some wood found inside while they were clearing the tunnels, that was dated to 32,000+ years ago. I wonder about the civilization that created these tunnels. They were very aware of the importance of not radiation (as there is none whatsoever) inside the tunnels. The large Megolyths (smooth rocks that were made of quartz and other materials (described as somewhat ceramic materials) were place in locations where underwater rivers were, and where they would veer off in a different direction. We meditated around some of these and the energies were quite incredible. I was noticing a lot of orbs that were very blue in colour. One can really feel the healing taking place on the body in the tunnels. Even work on the DNA. The waters that are in the tunnels and below has been tested and there are no existing bacteria whatsoever in it. Even the water that comes from the taps in our hotel is really good here, and they do not add fluoride. Dr. Masaru Emoto did some testing on the waters here and was amazed. These tunnels are believed to lead to all of the pyramids here. The estimated date of completion of the excavation of the tunnels and the pyramids is June 1, 2028. I played a ruby bowl in the tunnels, it was really penetrating and so beautiful. Our guide was very passionate and knowledgeable. I am so happy to hear and see how proud the locals are of their country. They say ‘welcome to our country’. With a big smile. They aim to please. I’m happy to know that we will be returning to the tunnels again in a couple of days.

We had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant close to the sun pyramid. The plan was to hike up the pyramid, but it was raining a lot and Yantara felt it would be too slippery and dangerous to do that, so we just headed back to the hotel and was led through a wonderful meditation from Yantara. His light language is always activating and then he channeled Hermes. It was very powerful. After that Kathy, Lori and Anna headed in one cab to the ‘Old Town’ of Sarajevo for supper and Erla and I followed 5 minutes later in another cab. The cab driver didn’t speak any English but we managed to find our way there. We, unfortunately, did not run into the other three so we walked around the narrow streets and then had a beautiful vegetarian meal at a small restaurant. A lot of this place reminded me of the places in Italy. I really want to come back and perhaps shop and have a gelato.

Returned back by another cab and the driver was such a happy guy. Acted like he knew no English (or perhaps I concluded that he didn’t know any) and when he dropped us off he said ‘good night ladies, and have a good night.’ I gave him a swat on the shoulder and he laughed hard. No more assumptions for me. Now off to bed with my lavender pillow. Will dream of sunny skies for tomorrow.


Bosnia 2016 – Day 1

I have been so busy, as usual, and haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about the trip. So it wasn’t till two days before my departure when I was packing, that I started to think about the journey that I was about to embark upon and became excited.

I had a good rest the night before and then met the other girls that were traveling with me at 0800 hrs. We arrived at the airport and had a smooth couple of hours before boarding the plane for our first stop, Montreal. Flight was good with a 2 hour layover in Montreal, then off to Munich for a 7 hour flight. A brief stopover there and then a 1 hour jump to Sarajevo. I had a window seat and was quite interested in the view from the plane. The closer we got to Sarajevo the more mountainous it became. It looked beautiful from the sky. So much forested land, quite tropical actually and all the houses looked the same from the sky. All red roofs and either square or rectangular. I felt like I was in the middle of a monopoly game. About 20 minutes before landing I was seeing flashes of colours of the rainbow everywhere. Out the window, in the plane, eyes open and eyes closed. It felt really good. We shared the plane from Munich to Sarajevo with a large group from China, who we realized were with our tour. It was really nice to see some of their familiar faces, as I was with some of them in Egypt. When we arrived at the airport we were met with some of the organizers and photographers. Everything was so organized and we were on the buses in no time off to the Radon Plaza Hotel, where we would be staying for the duration of our experience here.

We had a bit of time to have a couple hours of sleep in the afternoon and then we went off to supper where we all met as a group of 94. Energy is high and everyone is excited.

We had a group meeting with all the co-organizers to make our plan for the next day. Yantara had lavender pillows that were embroidered with each individual co organizer’s name on them in our rooms. Then presented us with the most decadent box of chocolate from France.

Japan 2015

Yakushima Island, Japan April 18-26th, 2015

Yakushima Island: Unesco World Heritage Forests – comprises 90% Ancient Forests and over 40 mountains; Home to trillions of Nature Beings and Light Beings! An inspiration and heart-opening experience for visitors around the world.

Click here for the Japan 2015 Itinerary (Canada)

Come by the Amaryllis Centre for Healing to pick up a hard copy of the itinerary or click on the link above to read more.