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Botswana and South Africa so long till the next time.

October 25th

Botswana and South Africa so long till the next time. We spent our last night back at the Airport Game Lodge in Johannesburg. The place where this whole journey began 17 days ago. A night of gathering and final goodbyes. There has been such a change in everyone here. This group of 13 women and 1 man who all came together to experience themselves has proven to be a huge success. The changes from start to finish in this place is really amazing for me to witness. I came here for myself, not with the intention of making friends, but to just connect with myself. A soul journey to be able to expand what I can offer in this lifetime and one that I would hope I could share with others. I was gifted not only a deep journey inward but now leave with new friends from Canada, Jordan, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Hungary, South Africa, England, Australia. Much gratitude to Mbali who facilitated a life-changing journey and for bringing together some incredible Instructors…….Anna Breytenbach, Dr. Peter Nilssen, Craig Foster, Alwyn and Johann. This trip has been an unforgettable one.   It will take me a bit of time to integrate it all. I look forward to regurgitating the experiences and allowing them to settle deeper within me. I have so much excitement moving forward, but for now, I will take time to let all that has happened in the land of South Africa, to sink deep within me. I look forward to that happening on the soil of my beautiful homeland called Canada. I am eager to share and hope to be able to translate the greater messages to anyone that cares to hear. South Africa and Botswana Africa so long till the next time.With much appreciation for you all who shared in the journey with me, through reading my blog, With gratitude to South Africa and Botswana, to all the ancestors, my willingness to have the experiences, the animals, the teachings……..Thank you. xo