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Botswanna Bound

October 18th

A beautifully restful sleep.  Awoke to some intense winds (that Craig referred to as a ‘gentle breeze’)  Temperature was quite cool as well.  The thought of going into the water  makes me shiver.  Up and gone by 0900 hrs back to the beach.  When we got there Craig went diving to find us some larger animals that we will likely never see.  In the meantime we had a ceremony on the beach and walked on the edge of the water and sang into the ocean.  Craig eventually came back with a bag of sea animals.  One of them was a juvenile Black Shy Shark.  It was so relaxed when we passed it around.  This is odd for one of these sharks to be so calm when being handled.  It’s interesting to see just how much you can handle an animal when they know that you are not a threat to them.  He also showed us a Heart Urchin.  He said that these are very tough to find and a lot of people never get to see them as they hide in the sand.  There were a few other sea creatures.  He is so incredibly passionate about the ocean and rich ecosystem.   A great man to be in the presence of.  He then returned all the animals back to exactly where he got them, while the rest of us entered the water for our final swim in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean.  The wind was very strong.  One would think that it would be hot here, but not this time for us.  Craig mentioned that this is more normal weather today, than what we have been having.  Strong winds are a daily occurrence here, apparently, especially in this, their springtime.

We then headed back to Cape of Good Hope where we walked the beach to see what we could see.  This is a beach that Mbali said she has seen visions of our original ancestors walking the beach.  We came across many dead Geometric Turtles, just shells left.  There were more than Craig has seen before, that seemed to concern him.  There were also many baboon foot prints, so he figured that they must be killing them.  It has to be an animal with strong teeth, and that would make sense.  My guess is that Craig will keep an eye on this and try to figure it out.   We found some other very unique things and a couple of places that felt very ancient.  We also saw some Bonteboks with several young ones.

We returned for lunch and then a presentation of all of our photos that were taken during our time in the cave with the paint etc, that were put on a slide show, by Craig, for us all to see.  When our photo came up on the screen, we were invited to speak of our experience.  This was so incredibly powerful and moving for everyone.  This was one of the most powerful experiences I have taken part in.  I will never ever forget it.  He then presented each one of us, a laminated photo of ourselves, dressed in our primal self representation.  A keepsake for sure.

He also shared several photos and video clips of his dives in the underwater world, with his son.  It’s truly magical.  His son appears to have the same passion as his father.  His ability to capture an amazing moment on film, is truly a gift.

Another day is done, our final one here in Cape Town area.  We bid our farewells to Craig, Brad and Michelle (our amazing cooks, who cooked all of our food with love and great attention given to organic quality and variety.  We also said farewell to Mbali’s 3 young guys that are being mentored by her and Craig.  Arnold, Lindsey and Gershan.  They are native to these lands, with a history of ancestral tribal connection here.  It’s great that Mbali and Craig are passing on their teachings.

I am sorry that this time has come to an ends, but am also revving myself up for our  adventure into the wilds of Botswana.  We were told that our guide is, hands down, the most incredibly knowledgeable Bushman there is.  We will be staying in tents, by a watering hole by the Kwai River.  We will be showering from a hanging bucket, learning the art of tracking animals on foot and then will be going on safari as well in jeeps.  All the while, communicating with the animals, as our guide, Alwyn is also an animal communicator.

There will be no internet service, so this will be my last blog for the next 5 days.  I will be journaling everyday, but will not be able to post until the 24th.  Thanks for reading all that I’ve written, and I hope that you are all enjoying the journey with me.

I am getting ready for sleep, with deep thoughts about the ancestors of us all, that started in this area……the shores of South Africa.  I feel a very strong connection here and look forward to bringing that home with me.  I hope to share this all through a slideshow and see if I can’t spark some of that feeling of ‘oneness’ with others.

Good night……..Botswanna bound.