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Cape of Good Hope

October 15th

Ahh such a comfortable sleep in this warm house, down duvet  and comfy mattresses.  Awoke with a strong decision to make today a day of fasting.  With the intensity of the experiences yesterday, and the full moon tomorrow, it felt like the right thing to do to keep clarity of mind, body and soul.

Craig Foster arrived and was all set up with his presentation to begin by 09:00.  He explained himself to us as someone who has lived in the waters of South Africa and all over since he was 1 day old, when his father fully immersed him in the ocean.  He has been part of those cold waters every day since.  He enters the water 365 days a year and if he happens to miss one, then he goes in two times the next day.  He is an amazing award winning filmmaker and studies nature……,as well as human nature.  He has worked in 24 African countries to help understand our relationship with nature but feels like he’s only really delved into the ‘matrix’ of it all in the last five years.  Him and his brother (Damon) write, direct and edit all their own work.  Quite an amazing duo.  He then showed us some short clips of some of the documentaries that they have created.  He started with The Great Dance which showed an African hunter connecting himself with the psyche of a Kudu and hunting it down to kill it for food to feed their tribe.  It was so amazing.  I am hoping to get my hands on this film.  It really shows, again, the respect for the animal and the human.   We moved then to the ‘Cosmic Dance’.  Of a ceremony around a fire with the whole tribe and for healing they will put themselves into a state of oneness (oh there’s that word again) with all the earth as well as the cosmos.  Their Kundalini rises till it explodes out the back of their neck/head and causes them to collapse while the healing takes place.  I loved how all the tribe/community come together for this.  This needs to happen more in our world.  Family/community/towns/cities/countries/all.  He then brought us along with him on another film clip called The Dragons Lair.  Where Craig, Damon and another gentleman entered the waters of the Nile to swim with and film a 14 foot crocodile.  Never has this been done before.  Extremely dangerous, but they connected themselves with the animal and then the animal even took them into his deep and dark lair where they often will store their food.   Then another film called ‘Touching the Dragon’, this one deserves the story, told in person.  He had a some of his films available for sale, and I purchased a few of them.

He then went on to talk about our upcoming trip into the waters.  He mentioned that we all have the ability to thermoregulate to be able to go into colder waters, but we have lost that since birth and wearing our clothes has caused that to happen more.  He said that he will be taking us into the waters that are colder than most people are used to but will immerse slowly.  These colder waters are great for the immune system.  I’m excited!!!  A little more talk and then off we went to the water.  He took us into a small cove of water in amongst some large rock, advising us to watch our steps due to the sea urchins in the water.  It was definitely cold.  We entered slowly and then after about 2.5 minutes it felt warm and we remained in the water for another 20 minutes.  Each day we will stay longer.  I felt like a kid and started giggling and wanted to just swim and play in the water.  He said that the more we do this, the less cold it feels.  Hey, maybe I will be able to swim in Lake Louise when I get home.  Hehe  This felt like a perfect little practice to allow all the happenings in the cave to complete itself.

After lunch we jumped in the van and headed to Cape of Good Hope.  This is the most southerly tip of Africa, where both of the oceans come together.  As we were entering the park we spotted an Eland, that is the largest antelope on the planet.  There were also a lot of wild ostrich.  Saw the tracks of a clawless otter, that is the size of a medium dog.  He had us visualize 200,000 years ago, to the time when our ancestors roamed this land and these waters.  It is so incredibly to walk consciously and to just be in your surroundings in the present and then the past just combines with it.  Craig is so very knowledgeable about all sea life and pointed out so much to us.  Everything truly exists as a courtesy to everything else.  He explained the importance of sea life, not only for caring for, but for ingesting for the Omega 3’s and the ingestion of Kelp.  Tomorrow we will be gathering the kelp and making a soup with it.  We came across the skin of a whale that had been washed up on shore, likely 3 years ago.  I asked why it still had such a pungent smell to it, he explained that the oil from the whales was used for so much and that it could still be extracted from this one today.  We had some time meditating into the consciousness of the whale, as a ‘record keeper’.  One thing I noticed was all the garbage, which we continued to gather, so much plastic.  I asked why, if this is a park, that people just throw out their garbage.  It was explained to me that this is being washed up from the ocean everyday.  Our waters are in trouble.  Every ocean life is affected by this and said that they are now noticing that the coral is being affected by the ingestion of it.

Makes me think………..if we solely relied on the earth to provide food for us, up until 10,000 years ago, until we decided we needed to control it, but caging animals and gardening foods, what have we done to control this planet.  This arrogant mentality of the human race is destroying not only the planet but all that inhabits it, including ourselves.  I hope that we can all go inward and connect with our ancestors for guidance and start to make a difference starting with our immediate homes.

This day of fasting is perfect.  I do not feel hungry, just more present.  A slight headache reminds me every once in awhile, but nothing to take me out.  We came back for some quiet time and an early night to bed.  The rain is starting to fall, to lull me to sleep.  Good night.

We are ALL ONE

October 14th

Here I am sitting in a beautiful home on the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Point deciding how I can express all that today brought.  Here goes………

I had a rather short sleep as we had to be awake at 5:00.  Another very chilly night…..still love my tent though, but since I had a shower in the evening, my hair remained wet till morning, so it took a little longer to warm up my bed.  This morning is the time I bid my tent farewell.  I am ready, however, to a new place to stay and on to more adventures.

The luggage was placed outside my tent for pickup at 5:45 and then we had a light breakfast and boarded the van at 6:30 for the 1.5 hour trek to Mossel Bay to meet with Archeologist Dr. Peter Nilssen.  We landed the van at Pinnacle Point golf and country club (an interesting combo … course up top, caves below.  It was the excavation of this course that helped reveal what layes in the rocks below) where we watched a presentation by Dr. Nilssen, Point of Human Origin.  This was incredibly powerful and made me shed tears.  I am going to be sure to share this when I get back home, as I feel that it is important for the information that he shared to touch everyone.  The biggest message was how we are all one…….right from the beginning of mankind, we share the same ancestors.

We entered a cave (this is one of many that have been discovered in the area, with excavation starting in the year 2000) where they have found ancient human activity dating back to up to 162,000 years ago.   This suggests that the earliest traces of modern human behavior are found at Pinnacle Point.  It was earlier thought that the first modern human behavior appeared in Eurasia about 50,000 years ago.  History books have now been rewritten since these findings in 1998-2000.   I could write for a very long time about these caves and Dr. Nilssen’s findings and discoveries, but that will have to be in a presentation, that is worth my effort to put together as it is so very powerful.  Remember this…………we are all connected, so please watch your thoughts, intentions and words, as they affect us all.

We then traversed the rockcliffs on the rocky coast to the 175 steps to the M13 Cave.  We were warned to walk consciously as there are snakes here that are very fast strikers.  The walk was breathtaking.  When I started approaching the opening of the cave, I started to feel a very strong vibration running through me.  Upon entering we did a ceremony to the earth and the ancestors who once walked the same cave floor.  Dr. Nilssen presented some great information about his findings and then we were instructed to find a spot in or out of the cave to have a meditation.  What happened there for me was astounding.  It took a lot just for me to stand with out my legs giving out.  Sorry, another something I cannot write about at this time, but will share in the future when I return home.  I have been asked by Dr. Nilssen to share with him, in detail, in an email.  When we returned, in a very meditative, conscious state we were each given a signed certificate by him   Our individual names were written at the top and then the following words preceded his signature:

Congratulations, you are now an ambassador for Point of Human Origins!  We hope that we have inspired you to live and share the ethos of the original human design, to care for each other and all life on earth, the only home we’ve ever know.

It’s hard to explain the ‘homecoming’ that I felt.

We left there by noon and made the 6 hour cruise along the garden coast drive from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic. Gorgeous farm land that lay before the spectacular mountains.  We drove through rolling hills, saw wild ostrich and some elephants.  Drove past the famous part on the ocean that is home to many penguins, vineyards and incredible views of a spectacular coastline.  We arrived at Cape Point by 6:30.  We first took 4 of the participants to their cottage that was, quite frankly, surrounded by baboons, lush landscape that gave way to a wall of mountains behind them.  The rest of us loaded back into the van and headed back along the ocean to a couple of houses that we are staying at.  OMG how spectacular.  Gorgeous ocean view, warm houses, white, comfortable duvets, sitting rooms, indoor showers and indoor toilets.  Oh wow, I forgot what this was like.  We had our first ‘non vegan’ meal, though I am choosing to stay vegetarian throughout this trip.  Some were very happy for the meat feast.  I enjoyed relaxing on the deck by the light of the moon with my veggies and lentils.  Our two cooks appear to be a good match from our last ones.

Everyone has gone to bed and I am sitting up writing this in the sitting room.

I am trying to figure out the events of the day in my head.  One of the most powerful days so far for myself.  Looks like the travels are going deeper within.  Good stuff indeed.  I think of my family a lot and am bringing them along with me on this journey, though in spirit.  I also, want all of you to know, that if you are reading this blog and the ones yet to come, you are all receiving IT…………WE ARE ALL ONE, YES?????   Enjoy the ride.  Our life here on earth is meant to be in unison with each other, all life, thanks for sharing it with me.  It’s heart warming.

A whole new adventure awaits us tomorrow with 4 days in the company of an amazing individual…….Craig Foster.  I know that tomorrows blog will be amazing

I now rest my head on a warm pillow wondering what the night will bring me.  The nearly, full moon is shining in the window and I am open to receiving all that comes to me tonight.  Blessings to you all.

More thoughts on Jukani Park Africa

October 13th

I sure had a very deep sleep.  Several very vivid dreams.  Awoke in the early morning light and savoured the sunrise,  thinking about my experience at Jukani Park.  Not only with Spirit but with all the other cats that are there.  What a blessed place.   I then went back to sleep for a couple more hours.

More thoughts on Jukani……… They do not encourage any breeding at all there as they do not feel it is fitting for a wild animal to live in the confines of a cage for it’s life.  If they are born here, it is very hard or actually,, impossible to put them out to the wild.  We were told by Anna, that a lot of the animals are sent to canning farms, where these animals are raised in small cages, fed and then when fully grown are advertised to be killed.  A so called ‘hunter’ then jumps on a plane kills the animal and is often on the plane back home the same day.  Their ‘trophy’ is sent home to them a few months later.   A few of the cats here were bought by people (as supposed hunters) and then given to Jukani where they would live out their life.  A pretty unique place.  Today is our last day here at Peace of Eden.  I will be sad to leave as this is a magical place.  The landscape is lush and beautiful, the horses, the cats, the dogs,  and all the wild ones that talk in the night are great company.  Again I rant about the food. The people here all so hospitable.   The outside verandah where I get wifi reminds me of the place that I was at in Sumatra at the Rimba Eco Lodge.

After Breakfast we all gathered for a ceremony by a tree.  We were to go around and speak about how we were/are doing thus far on this journey.  Mbali offered for us to give it, as in a burial, to the land in the middle of the circle so that the ancestors and Mother Earth could take it from us or help create it, whatever we were needing.  As soon as we started one of the dogs came into the centre of the circle and started digging a hole.  It was amazing.  When he was done digging for a depth of about 4 inches he layed down off to the side.  We then all went around and spoke and then received some ashes from Mbali to put our prayers into and put into the hole and then throw the dirt on top.  How amazing was this, that the dog was so in tune.  After that Anna arrived and we continued with absorbing her teachings.  I can’t believe that we have had 4 days with her.  I feel very blessed to have received some great teachings in this field by some brilliant animal communicators.  Anna and Loesje and all the animals that teach me along the way.  I truly love this work.

We then split for lunch and then gathered back for another hour of teachings and then loaded into the van for some time at another beach more near to George.

We had another meditation expanding our physical selves and it was incredible.  The energy of the mighty healing waters of the Indian Ocean was so profound.  I truly felt, smelled, saw, tasted and heard all that this part of the world was offering.  We all walked the beach in silence just taking it all in.   Then bid our farewells to Anna feeling ever so blessed to have spent this time with such a humble, caring and beautiful person.

A couple of days ago I did a session with the two horses that are here on this property.  There was a profound shift with the gelding and we have noticed the change in him since then.  So great to see.  So today I went with a couple of other girls and did another session on the mare.   Another great session.  Feels so good when this happens.  Then had a wonderful sharing with a couple of the participants.  The sun was shining brightly so I decided to have a shower while it was still sunny and warm.  This long hair takes a lot of water so the hot water ran out before I was done and the cold is no warmer than the glacier water………yikes.

After supper we presented the cook and the two helpers with an envelope of money as an additional gratuity aside from what was included.  The cook came back in to tell us that the two helpers were squealing and jumping up and down when they opened the envelope.  They said ‘now we can buy things for the kids in the school’.  Apparently the government cannot supply all that the school needs so they rely on the parents.  Most parents haven’t the extra to buy anything.  This touched me deeply.  I went to the house to hug them all.

I am sitting on the verandah under a ‘nearly’ full moon dressed warmly as it is always chilly here in the evening/night.  I am sad to say farewell to this place, but excited to embark on the next leg of the journey to Cape Point with Dr Peter Nillsen and Craig Foster.  Ok, this is enough of a journal for tonight.  Good night to all.

Jukani Park and the infamous Black Leopard Spirit

October 12

Anna and MarthaAnother beautiful sleep.  I went to use the outside washroom in the morning when I met a fellow tent dweller who mentioned that she had just had an encounter with a spider.  She said she felt something on her hand and looked down to see a big black spider the size of the back of her hand.  She flung it down, finished her business, went out and then when she gathered herself she decided to communicate briefly with it.  I went to the other bathroom.   We started the morning with another unbelievable meal.  There has not been one bit of food that has not been spectacular.  This cook will have a cookbook online by Christmas.  I am preordering.  We then went into the meeting room and watched Anna’s video ‘The Animal Communicator’  It really does show this work and the wonderful nature of Anna herself.  Then we all gathered into the van and off to the beach in Knysna for lunch.   This coastal region is just stunning.  We had a most incredible time for lunch on this incredible rugged beach.  A meditation got us ready for our trip to the Jukani Park where the infamous Black Leopard, Spirit lives.

SpiritWhen he first communicated with Anna he expressed his concern about two cubs that were with him prior to coming here.  Well, the fantastic news is that these two cubs (now adult female sisters) are with him in his enclosure.  Leopards are normally solitary animals, but these three desired to be together and live harmoniously this way.  Anna mentioned that she got a message that these two cubs were available and when she connected, she was told that they were the two that were originally beside Spirit before he came to Jukani.  She was told she was wrong, but she was firm in her knowing and the message she received.  She suggested that they be put together and several months later, the previous owner of them, revealed papers that stated that they were indeed the two original cubs.

We were told that Spirit may not come out for us to see him, as he is given the option (his enclosure is quite large)  To our excitement he layed in the open for us to see him.  When we all approached he got up and came closer and truly connected with us, through stretching etc.  Often the two female Leopards do not interact much with humans and tend to stay hidden.  Though one was fully exposed for us as well the whole time.  On the way back, I was noticing some incredibly gorgeous ocean front homes.  Though 10 minutes down the road the homes were very rough and small huts, similar to what I saw when I went to do humanitarian work in Tijuana.  Quite a difference in living.  We returned back to a delicious supper and then a most powerful meditation.  This brought me to my tent in a very deep state of calm and journeying inward.  I am heading to sleep now as my thoughts are taking me ever deeper.  Blessings to all.

Heavy thought tonight.

The Beauty and Peace of South Africa

October 11

Didn’t sleep till midnight… just listening to all the noises.  I feel snug as a bug in a rug in my bed in the tent.  I awoke at 8:00 to a sunny morning.  While writing this in the morning, I was visited by a monkey as I typed on the verandah of the main building.  So nice to have the visitor.  This was my morning off, so spent some time in meditation and then headed for a walk down to the river…….which turned out to be a creek.  It was so different than the walks through the forest at home.  At one point I found myself somewhat tangled up in vines.  I chuckled to myself, one shouldn’t walk with head looking upwards looking for monkeys, when one is walking amongst vines.  Hehe


When I got down there the rocks were thick with moss and the water was a different colour than home.  Quite soothing in it’s South African beauty.  I then decided to visit the two horses that live on the property here and I spent some communication time with the them.  The one gelding seemed to have an eagerness for me to connect with him.  It was really interesting and he shifted very quickly by rolling as soon as the first release happened.  I relayed the information from the session to the owner and it was profound to her and very helpful.  By the end of the day, there was a noticeable change in the horse.  Love these 4 legged animals, we call a horse.  Makes me miss mine.
At 11:00 the clouds rolled in and the rain began.   This moisture is so good for here.  I thought that if it rained here that I would go and dance in the rain.  Well, I’m not that brave as I don’t believe the temperatures hit the double digits.  I spent some time reading and just relaxing.  It was great.  After lunch I headed with the remaining half of the group to the barn for our workshop with Anna.  Another wonderful time spent with her shared knowledge.

Anna is very passionate about working with all animals around the world, though has committed to staying in Africa for the next 6 months and taking a break from traveling and teaching abroad.  I am blessed to be here.

Another unbelievable meal to wrap up our day and then we sat around and visited and laughed a lot around the table till 10;00.  All the participants (14 in all) all get along so well with each other.  It’s great!  I spent some time with the cook trying to convince her to move to Canada and cook for me, but she’s a lover of her country as much as her cooking.  She informed me that she is writing a cookbook.  It sounds very unique and we are all looking forward to buying one in the next couple of months.  It will be offered online before Christmas.

Tonight the temperature has dropped to +5, with rain…..hello tent………good thing I’m Canadian.  My bed eventually gets toasty warm and I am so content.  The monkeys were very loud at the start of my bedtime.

I lay my head down in anticipation of going to the Jukani Reserve to see Spirit the black leopard and all the other 54 large cats.

I am grateful for this journey and all that I have and will yet experience.

Anna made a statement, on behalf of the animals, that I feel is so very powerful.  Though this statement could apply throughout life with all people and animals:

Martin Luther King

Another Day in Paradise – Martha Birkett

October 10th

A sleep in the tent brought the best night sleep.  Went to bed early and didn’t wake up till 8:00.  That is a major sleep in for me.  Wow!!!  I love it!!!  The night was quiet without any monkey or baboon sounds.  Perhaps tonight I’ll hear some.

When I left the tent, I was greeted by the promise of a sunny, warm day.  I headed to the shower and enjoyed it whilst I looked out to the forest where a small bird came and landed on a branch right in front of me.  It stayed there the whole time I showered.  Wow, for everyone to experience a shower like this in nature.  I have done it before while in the mountains on overnight horse packtrips, also bathing in the river, but it’s a bonus to have the warmth of a shower while in the forest.

Spent the day in sessions with Anna Breytenbach learning her animal communication skills and practices.  A lot of the practices are what I have already been exposed to and use in my own Linking Awareness workshops, but its great being a student and learning from different people, their personal touches, in this work.  I always enjoy listening to the stories of Instructors.  Some of the exercises we had were quite powerful.  Lots of reflecting and group exercises.  These types of group journeys often bring up a lot of things for many.  This is truly a time of transformation.

After a late supper, (really love this amazing vegan food) I headed to my tent.  As I start to write about this day, by the light of a candle in my tent, I am surrounded in sounds of an Owl hooting, croaking bullfrogs, crickets chirping and baboons calling.  I can also hear the sound of something moving around my tent for quite sometime.  The sounds of nature are amazing, if we just immerse ourselves in it.  The sky is so bright with stars, different constellations, than what I am used to seeing back home.  I’m thrilled to know that I will be here for the full moon.

Tomorrow our day is split in half.  I will have the morning off and then my session will be with half the group in the afternoon.  I look forward to spending some downtime walking this land.  There, apparently, is a river down the bottom of the hill where my tent is, I cannot hear it from here, but will take the walk through the forest down in the morning.  Even just the landscape around this Peace of Eden is gorgeous.  A beautiful retreat for sure.

There was a discussion with some girls about ‘nature deficit disorder’  This is a phrase coined by Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems.  It is such a shame that this is so very real and very common.  I hope that everyone could be aware of this and take yourselves and your children outdoors, wherever you are.  It is not possible to learn and experience such natural beauty and peacefulness from any electronic device.

Another day in paradise, now time to integrate it all in sleep/dreamtime.

One with Nature in the Forest in George, Africa

October 9, 2016
Martha's TentAnother ceremony to the earth and the ancestors and all sentient beings started our day.  Then off to the Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, boarded the Europa Airplane for a 1.5 hour flight to George which is right on the ocean near Capetown.  The drive there in a bus was beautiful through the countryside.  It was quite lush and mountainous.  I noticed from the air just how brown everything seemed around Joburg but as we approached our landing in George, things became quite green.

We arrived at our home for the next four days……..Peace of Eden, a beautiful peaceful place. The food is vegan and they are working towards going off the grid.  They truly live in harmony with all nature and the creatures that inhabit it.  The flowers, flowering trees and land is really beautiful and gives a strong sense of calm.  The only thing that was quite shocking is that the bees that love the white flowers are MASSIVE!!!  I thought it was a 747 when I heard it fly by my head.  Probably 5 times the size of our bumblebees, Though harmless.

I had signed up ahead of time to stay in a tent in the forest.  There are four of these tents and when we were brought to them, I nearly squealed.  They are canvas tents with beds in them.  The bathrooms can be found as you meander down the forest pathways. The cool thing is that they only have 3 sides…..completely open to nature.  The showers are the same.  I am sooooooo excited to be in one of these.

We did another ceremony with the land with ashes and water and the burning of a particular plant.  We toured the rest of the place and then met for lunch.  After this delicious meal, I spent some time in my tent.  The back of the tent opens to the forest and I’m about 30 feet from the ground (the tents sit on wooden platforms).  They mentioned that we can expect to hear a lot of sounds in the nights from baboons, to monkeys, to crickets, porcupines, etc.  They said that if the baboons get to playing or fighting that it will sound very much like a murder is taking place.  But not to worry……….it’s just the baboons.  I’m really excited about sleeping out here in my tent in solitude.  I sat in here before we were to meet Anna Breytenbach and felt really emotional, in a good way.  I think it’s just being in the forest in nature that really feeds my soul and something about this land.

This is truly what this trip is all about and I know that the experience of being in this amazing place, will enrich my experience and help me to connect even deeper.  At 5:30 we walked to the barn, which is beautifully set up for workshops with kitchen etc.  Really stunning place, and we had our first introduction to Anna.  I am thrilled to be spending the next few days learning from her as I know that this exposure will enhance what I already do.  Anna assured us that we will not only be working on our skills and abilities to connect and communicate with non verbal beings, but that this will be a journey inward for us.  She stated that this is a journey when our inner nature meets the outer nature.  I like the sounds of that.  I feel that this experience is going to go very deep on this personal journey to remembering our ancient selves.

Mbali informed us that a very large 100 year old tortoise came here after we arrived, and we were assured that a tortoise has never ever come here before. They are surprised.   Hmmmmmmm  all these ceremonies to the ancient ones, seem to be heard.

Tomorrow should bring some great experiences and great teachings.  We then broke for supper and then headed to our respective beds.  So here I am in my tent typing this up.  It’s tough to put this all into words.  I have been taking notes as I go along during the days, but some things are missed, on paper. The night here is quite surprisingly cold., nice clear sky to help to make it this cold, but also brings clarity to the stars in this South African sky.  So bright and beautiful.

Sending good night wishes to all.

South Africa Oct 8 – Martha Birkett – Amaryllis Crystal Garden

South Africa, Oct.  8th

Travel Africa 2016 with me, Martha Birkett of Amaryllis Crystal Garden. Today I will be heading from this hotel to meet the entire group at the Airport Game Lodge.   I awoke at 3:00 am with an excited feeling.  I love the connection that I feel to this place.  I am getting anxious about getting it all started. The morning started with a beautiful beam of early morning sunrise shining in my room.  It was all the colours of the rainbow.  I was amazed and went out side and did a sun meditation in the warmth of it.  I then just relaxed and spent time being present in this incredible place………..South Africa.

Took a cab to the new hotel, still in Johannesburg and met fellow participants.  Looks like a great group.  There are 14 of us, 6 Canadians in total.  This place is really nice and has some different African animals here in fenced areas.  Hence the name of the Lodge, I guess.  Mbali (the coordinator) led us all in a ceremony and connected to the ancients and the land and all the sentient beings for protection, guidance and gratitude.  We shared our stories of why we were called to come here and then had a wonderful supper.  The group feels like a great meld of people.  Just as we finished supper, it started to storm and rain outside.  The owner of the place was so happy as he said that the last time it rained here was 1 year ago.  They have been in a terrible drought.  Feels like magic…… happy for the rain.  We are all excited for the experiences we will receive, though, outside of the itinerary, the rest is unknown, but we are all just open to experiencing whatever it will be.

Mbali gifted us all with an extra long necklace made with African grey seeds called IMFIBINGA or UBUCHWABASI seeds. The seeds are found near the Mpumalanga River in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  They are referred to as Job’s tears in other parts of the world.

I’m tired and looking forward to tucking into bed under the sounds of the thunder and the pouring of rain.

What has messed up this world so much that people dislike each other, the destruction of the planet and the disconnect from our ancestral connections, self and our soul’s song?  This trip will be part of the reconnection.  I hope to bring home what I learn and experience with others, so we can all reconnect together!!!!

Quote from Zulu Shaman, Credo Mutwa…..
“I wish to appeal to the world. First, I am not a quack or a charlatan or a sensationalist. I am an old man who has seen much. I wish the world to know that there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa.”

Travel Africa 2016 – Martha Birkett Amaryllis Crystal Garden

Africa 2016Well I arrived in Johannesburg after 24 hours of flying/airport time.  I have decided to stay at a hotel here for a couple of days to get over the jetlag and have some down time in solitude to prepare for this incredible ‘Return to Origin’ Journey.

I don’t know if I can explain what I have been feeling since I’ve been here.  I had this strong sense that I had come home.  You know that feeling that you get when you get to go home to ‘the farm’ (or your place of childhood, or mom and dad’s house) when it just feels ‘good’.  This is like that, but in a deeper sense.  I am spending time in contemplative thought connecting my feelings and remembering from my last trip to SA December 2015 when I had a strong experience with the White Lions of Timbavati, Adam’s Calendar, Jane Goodall’s Chimps at Chimp Eden and just being here for the first time.   Being able to reconnect to a place that is believed to be our homeland (for all humans) is quite a sensation.  I do not yet know what personal and group experiences lay ahead on this journey, but the anticipation of it and the sense that I have, when being here. is quite exciting.  When I left Africa last year, I made a strong commitment to myself that I would return here again and within the year.  I did not know the how’s or why’s at that time but just put it out there very strongly, as that is how I felt, and here I am.  We do not always need to know exactly what it’s all about, but just go with the flow and allow the universe to align you up without resistance.  I believe that nothing happens by chance, but the weeks that lay ahead  should give some answers and if not, I will embrace the experiences and may have clarity some time in the future.  I believe that I am here, not only for personal growth but to assist in the strengthening of ‘group consciousness’   After all we are all connected aren’t we?  Humans and animals alike, as well as all life.  Indeed.  Enjoy this journey alongside us here, as I will attempt to bring you all along through the words and experiences that we are about to embark upon.

A great saying that is on the cover of my journal: