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Day 10 – The Red Sea & Paradise

November 7, 2018

We sailed all night and arrived at Luxor this morning.

Had breakfast from 6 to 730 then met in the lobby to ride four hours by bus to the Red Sea. This morning our guide got word that his wife was needing surgery so he left us. We are all going to miss him, as he has been such a phenomenal guiding Egyptologist. Definitely enhanced our Egypt experience.

I am sitting on the bus on our way and noticing so much farmland. I am unsure of the types of vegetation, though I did notice many sugar cane fields. So nice to see people working these fields, with such obvious pride, as the crops are so healthy looking and clean. Pretty sure that every household has a donkey and cart.

This four-hour bus ride offers a great opportunity to sit in contemplation and integrate some of what this amazing trip has offered. We stopped midway for a washroom break and there were a couple of Egyptian women there with donkeys and a couple of little goats that stood on the back of the donkeys. Pretty cute.

As we got closer to the Red Sea, the landscape changed considerably. It was all desert and became very mountainous. Very different from our Rocky Mountains. These are so rugged and rough with no vegetation on them.

We were told that The Red Sea was named because it has very red coral that offers a red hue to the Sea. As we approached the Sea this was visible. It’s popping up in the distance and I’m excited.

It is written that Moses parted this sea, that’s a large body of water to part!!!!

As we were getting closer to the resort excitement was building. I was surprised to see a golf course coming in. The green is rare here in the desert.

We arrived!!!!!! My jaw has hit the ground!!!! This Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay is truly paradise. WOW!!!!! Excited to be spending three nights here. Yantara really knows how to put a trip together!! A great place to wind down and integrate all that has happened so far.

I got to my room and smiled big. I truly feel like a Queen. Put on my bathing suit and a few of us headed straight to the beach and jumped in. AMAZING!!!!! 🏖 🏝. 🌊.

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!! Jazz music with a couple musicians on the beach. Played with the sunset and then off to dinner. Ohhhh…. this is great.

Had a spectacular dinner, did a couple sessions then, with an audible giggle and a big smile, I crawled into bed.

This is for my friend, Marva. It’s her birthday today. Here’s ‘Happy Birthday’ for her in Arabic.

عيد ميلادٍ سَعيد!

Day 12 – Ready for the Great Pyramids

November 9, 2018

We are ready for the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.

An early morning photo shoot at sunrise to illuminate the Goddess energy. Then off to another day of workshops. We spent more time prepping for 11-11-11 that will take place in the Great Pyramid and time spent with the Sphinx.

In the afternoon, we did an incredible two-hour meditation of voice and dancing. It was so very beautiful. We finished off with our group coming together in hugs and beautiful smiles.

We took a bit of a break to spend time in the sea and on the beach. I was swimming with Valerie and decided to head back to my lounge chair. Shortly after, Valerie came back to share with me that a snorkeller told her to swim away, so she did. Then after she asked her why. The lady shared with Valerie that a Moray Eel was swimming right beside Valerie and that the eel was the same length as her! Glad I had come back. The way I get excited and jump around in the water, may not have been a great outcome for me vs Eel. 🤪.

I looked up and saw a man with two female camels followed by a baby camel on the beach. It was so cool to see.

Just before supper, a sound bath took place with everyone who brought bowls. 52 bowls in all!

After supper, I did two sessions and then headed to my room to complete my blogging and then packed as we have an early wake-up call to head to the airport to head to Cairo for the final, yet so powerful, pyramid/Sphynx experience.

Looks like I might at 3 hours of sleep. Oh well, better than no sleep at all! 😜.

Day 15 – Farewell to Beautiful Egypt

November 12th, 2018

Off to Sakkara Pyramid and Serapeum of Saqqara. I’m thinking ‘how can it get better than this, we just had 11-11-11 in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. So bring on the last day of this mind-blowing trip.

Today, our final day. We had a new English speaking guide come with us today. Yasser is his name. He also has great passion and knowledge. Ihab and his great tour company sure bring in incredible tour guides!

We were driving past more unfinished dwellings and Yasser pointed out that when a family member gets married, that they could build upon the house and have their home on the next level. A lot of focus on family here.

A few other points of interest:

Egypt has the climate and fertile soil to grow a lot of different crops. They grow cotton, mangoes, avocados, wheat, barley, flax, figs, melons, pomegranates, legumes, vegetables, vines (their Egyptian wine is very good), and so much more!

The Nile plays a large role in the farming industry. It is the longest river in the world, stretching 4132 miles long.

The population of Cairo is 22 million people. You can see this in the streets and the ways in which they live here. Not so many houses, but more condo living.

There are 118 pyramids in Egypt. The largest being the pyramid in Giza, the second largest is Sakkara.

The most ancient calendar, though incomplete, was found in the Solar Temple here in Abusir, which is a set of pyramids that lie in the ‘extensive pyramid field’ that stretches from north of Giza past Saqqara. This calendar dates back to 2400 bc.

Yasser spoke of Imhotep (means the he who walks in peace) from Komombo Temple, who is said to be the first medicine doctor. The people loved him for the healing work he did. The workers that were helping to build the pyramids would often have dust on their lungs and developed diseases related to this. So he used opium, etc. very specific to each person. He would test each person specifically and adjust the medicines according to each individual.

Studies on mummies also showed that the ancient Egyptians had performed brain surgeries, open heart surgeries, cataract surgeries and even fillings on teeth.

Saqqara (Ptah Soker) was the name of the God honoured here. He was married to Sekhmet. I’m excited to be going here as I really like Sekhmet. Strong connection with her from my last visit to Egypt.

Yasser mentioned there were no horses and camels in Egypt before 1900 bc. Arabs introduced camels in 7th-century BC. and donkeys, even later. They’re sure used a lot here now. So if there were no beasts of burden, then how were the rocks delivered for the structures here. Hmmmmmmm 🤔

Hathor and Bes were also known as big healers. They were often together. King Tut was sick a lot. Bes was engraved on the headboard of King Tut.

This drive offered a lot of information, now we have arrived at Serapeum. It looks like nothing but open desert. Nothing but a few signs around and a couple of small structures, vendors, office, toilet. We went for a short walk and came upon an opening down into the ground. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I’m saying that with great excitement. There were corridors heading in many directions that had huge areas of the largest sarcophagi I’ve seen. Made of granite and the largest weighing in at 90 tons. 27 of these granite structures in total. They feel to me like they are incredibly powerful energy batteries. I have never felt anything so strong. It was so intense! We gathered around the largest one and meditated and toned for a bit. These energies are shooting out into portal openings through the ground. (my thoughts only). Huge activation site. Strongest, for me, by far. I felt like I was being recharged and downloaded that which self had forgotten. I want to come back here. Blew my mind! Yantara and I shared our familiar experiences. When we were taking pictures the orbs were so intense as well as shooting beams of light. When I shared my thoughts with Yasser he agreed that it was a charging centre to some degree. It is believed that it was a burial place of Apis bulls, sacred bulls that were incarnations of the ancient Egyptian deity Ptah. I need to spend more time here I feel.

We then headed to Saqqara pyramid. Some time was spent outside in this area. A lot of restoration work is being done here. Last time we were able to go inside but this has been closed since, due to its instability.

We then went to an outdoor restaurant for lunch. A woman was making flatbread in an outdoor stone oven. Everything was very delicious.

We arrived back at the hotel and some got off the bus whilst others went shopping to the place where they sell their incredible Egyptian cotton. I decided to forego this shopping and instead and start the task of packing, as I head to the airport tonight.

We all gathered at 8:00 pm for a farewell party outside in one of the courtyards. We had beautiful music and jaw-dropping entertainment by Tanoura dancing performed by men. We were amazed, never saw anything like it. They wore these skirts and twirled repeatedly. These skirts light up, come up overhead and spin by the arm from the waistline. Hard to explain but they are very heavy and several were worn at a time. I know they were heavy as I was lead up to the dance floor by one of the dancers and one was put on my shoulders. I started to spin and the dress gave a haphazard attempt to come along and spin with me. I gave it my best spins until I thought I should stop before I might get dizzy and fall. So I just created a few steps of my own. 🤪. So much laughter all night long. We indulged In some incredible food and great music and then some good regular dancing before I had to say my goodbyes and run off like Cinderella off to the carriage (ok it was a bus) with two others to the airport. Catching the flight at 2:00 am. What a spectacular send-off!!!!!!

Farewell to beautiful Egypt. ‘Til I come back again…. and I will, I will see you in my unforgettable memories.