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Cradled in the Arms of the Energies Here

October 21st

A nice breeze blessed us last night through our tents, so sleep went well.  I awoke in early dawn this morning to see a herd of zebras and wildebeests behind our tents.  I just can’t believe the wildlife here.  Greg and Sanam sleep in the next tent beside me and informed me that there was something sniffing Greg’s head through the tent wall, then there were some growls, that I also heard in the night.  The Guides confirmed that these were hyenas.  Amazing.  We had a short morning meeting after breakfast and then out we went on our game drive.  We headed to a new location and it wasn’t long till we came across two honey badgers.  Johann mentioned that ‘when a honey badger is seen, then a leopard will appear’.  We were excited with hopes of this coming true.

We headed to a location and all of a sudden the squirrels and birds started their alarm calls.   Alwyn followed with his knowledge and intuition and there she was…….a most beautiful leopard walking  on the ground towards a bush for some cool morning cover to rest.  This bush was so dense that we couldn’t see her.  We sat and waited.  I linked in with her, as did others, and asked her to show herself, so that we could admire her and then we would leave her alone.  A couple minutes later, she emerged from the bush, layed down, for about 7 minutes while we all just sat in awe at her stunning beauty and then she turned around and went back to lay in the cover of the bush.  Alwyn said that in all his years of his animal exposure and communication, he feels that the leopards are the most telepathic of all the animals here.  This was so incredibly exciting as these animals are not easy to find.  Guess the myth is true about the honey badgers.  It’s hard to write about all  of them, so I won’t.  The pictures and videos tell the stories well.

We made our way  back through this part of the Okavango Delta and came across a large dry area with holes in the ground.  We were told by Johann that these were elephant saltlicks.  There were layers of salt and minerals that you could see in the holes that they dug with their tusks.  While we were there an elephant showed up and became a bit agitated with us being there, so we left.  We then, with hearts filled with gratitude for our non stop animals that we experienced, headed for lunch and our rest.

Afternoons are a time that we all take a shower to cool off.  I love these showers btw, must have one for the outdoors.  Easy to make.  One of the girls here, Saffron, was having a shower and her head was just above the canvas walls of it, when two, very curious elephants came to visit.  There she was right next to the large elephants.  They came so close, she just continued showering even though they were there.  They slowly sauntered away when she was done.  The showers cool us of for a bit, but the toilet seats that are black are sure to  burn any part of you that touches it.  This is a challenge.  Ouch  We are all trying so hard to cool down, but it’s tough.

Alvyn and MBali announce to us that the evening drive will be without cameras or voices.  This was an amazing experience.  Our group, as we are all with the same knowing and understanding of the importance of silence for animals communication and experience, were usually quite quiet anyway, but this would prove to be interesting.  Well, to sum it all up………the animals were very relaxed with our presence and we all connected at a much deeper level.  I really enjoyed this, and the amount that one can witness, that is often missed behind the lens of a camera, is so breathtaking.  We returned for a beautiful supper and another circle gathering of sharing and ceremony.  These were happening most everyday and were all so powerful.

I am so mesmerized by this land.  I went to Kruger National Park last year and saw a lot of animals, but this is just nonstop.  There’s scarcely a 1 minute break where we are not seeing anything.  I am loving this all, but I am looking forward to going home.  What I have received from this land so far, has been more than I could ever dream possible.  I tuck in to the close sounds of a leopard and Baboons. Good night, I am cradled in the arms of the energies here and am grateful for it all.