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Day 2 – A Night at the Egyptian Museum

October 30th, 2018

Our tour guides are truly sensational! By afternoon, everyone had arrived. I am pleased to notice and hear that tourism is picking up here in Cairo. You can tell that the economy here is better compared to four years ago, broadening the gap from the Revolution. The food in this hotel has been second to none. I just don’t think that we will have anything less than an incredible experience with food as we carry on with this tour.

We boarded a couple buses and went to the Egyptian Museum. We had the whole place to ourselves with a private tour! As soon as we approached the museum, I was in awe. The iron gates and large entrance doors were breathtaking! We had an hour-long guided tour and then an hour on our own. Our guide is an Egyptologist and is so passionate about the history and is extremely knowledgeable.

The artefacts are really interesting and the statues and the meanings behind them are so symbolic. A lot of this is expressed in symbology and metaphors as opposed to literal meanings. The story of Osiris, Set, Isis and Horus, I will get into more in future days.

There were so many coffins that kings and queens were buried in that were on display they had so much carving and gold on them. There was a room with remnants of actual mummies, somewhat intact and partially reconstructed. The testing has shown actual hair, teeth, etc. of the actual gods. We had to pay extra if we wanted to go in that room. A few of us entered and it was quite an experience. The energy of the mummy of SETI and Queen Hatshepsut felt so strong I had to leave the room. Several people felt ‘off’ and left the room sooner than they intended. Our guide’s advice in the museum, especially with this room, was ‘Feel it but don’t be open’. 

I found it quite incredible how embalming and preservation of the physical body were so important to the ancient Egyptians. They put organs into different containers that were then buried with them.

King Tut’s burial was especially unique. One side, where his head would have been, was made and carved specifically to keep bad spirits away from him. Our guide said that his children used to have very bad dreams so he had a headboard made like this and his kids never had a bad dream from then on.

I asked why there was so much interest in preserving the body if their belief was that their soul would enter into another body when it returned. He answered by saying that the body is our temple and if we didn’t honour, care for and respect it, even after death, then our chance of living forever could not be. I wish I could spend more days here indeed. But, oh, there’s so much more to take in here in this land so rich in history.

…and the irony of being there in the evening… a night in the museum, a day before Halloween. 😉

There is so much to discover in this fascinating part of our planet.

We left and headed for supper on a boat on the Nile. The food??????? SO, so good. Everyone enjoyed themselves and there was lots of laughter.

After dinner, we left for the hotel and arrived back at 9:30 pm. A quick meeting with the organizers and then heading to bed at 11:30 pm to awaken at 2:00 am. Our luggage has to be outside our room by 3:00 am for pick up and breakfast is from 3:00-3:45 am. After that, we’re on the bus at 4:00 am and heading to the airport to fly to Luxor.

Here goes the marathon….