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Day 3 cont’d – Luxor Temple and so many Orbs!

Continuation of October 31st, 2018…

Where do orbs come to party?  Luxor Temple!!!!!!

The evening of October 31 here in Egypt. We are at the Luxor temple. This place is best seen at night as the columns are lit up and this highlights their magnificent structures. When I was here in 2014, I could not believe the number of orbs that were here and tonight was no different.

We spent a fair amount of time just sitting in meditation in a place of stillness and connecting with the life here, past and present. I sat at some point with my back against an intact column and felt the energy running through me so strong. I could also feel and even see the energetic signatures of this place even though so much of it is destroyed. It came alive tonight as it once was. It is believed that, in its entirety, it had 17,000 standing columns. It felt like I was there when it was in full physical existence. Could see and feel all the daily life as it was happening. I guess I know why now why I have come to be so involved in the healing of sound and vibration. The reawakening of the frequency and light within my cells are feeling so intense right now. 

Sometimes we know not why we go where we go or do what we do, but we are always being led in the most aligned direction for us, we just need to be open and surrender to it. Feeling the blessings.