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Day 3 – The Incredible Karnak Temple

October 31, 2018

Folklore says that Osiris ruled the North of Egypt while his brother, Set, ruled the South. A balance of the good and the bad. Set, out of jealousy, killed Osiris and dismembered his body and threw the pieces in the Nile. Osiris’ wife, Isis, is said to have retrieved all but one of his parts and then hovered over his body and became impregnated and gave birth to Horus. Each place where one of Osiris’ body parts had landed in the river, a temple was built. 

So here we go. Jumping an early morning plane to Luxor where we will board a cruise ship and travel the path of the Nile River as it shares its pathway with our Milky Way. Along this journey, we will be stopping at different temples to get a deeper understanding of this ancient, yet not forgotten world. 

The one hour flight was gentle on us, as we are only functioning on 2.5 hours of sleep. It is very different here from Cairo. The traffic seems to be a lot less intense. A lot of donkeys pulling carts with vegetation, driven by farmers and many motorcycles carrying families without helmets. 

Our guide is an Egyptologist and has such incredible information. He was telling us that this is the heart chakra area. So much about the land and the chakras here. The ancients were so in tune!!

We passed by the Luxor temple on our way to the boat. We will be visiting it in the night with lights. Can’t wait! There has been a lot of destruction over the centuries. Our guide says that at one point they say there were 17,000 enormous statues there. 

Our guide pointed out that a lot of the houses do not have roofs on them. They have ceilings that are covered but the roof is not completed. All of the houses look like that. He said that if it’s completely, 100% finished with the roof on, they have to pay taxes. If it is not 100% finished, as in ‘no roof’, they do not have to pay the taxes.

We got to our boat, got assigned our rooms and then had lunch at 11:30. We boarded the bus and arrived at the Karnak temple at 2:00 pm. It is very very hot. Our guide explained that this is one of the most powerful sites in Egypt. 

The temples were built like the human body they were designed to hold the spirit so the entrance is just like the feet of the body. Then as you enter, there is a common area which is like the thighs, where the common folk could go. If you continue through the rows of towering columns, that would be like the abdomen that was only open to priests and queens, etc. Then forward to the chest which was only open to the gods and goddesses. Following that area was the sanctuary, which is like the head, and was only open to the high priest. It was closed off by two very large solid 24-carat gold doors.

We remarked how churches, mosques, etc are built in this same likeness. They claim that this type of architecture was to house the Spirit, as is the human body. We were told that when the statues were built they were activated, in other words, having life. This was done, in part, by putting crystals into the base of the statues.

A lot of the statues are built with the left foot going forward. They believe that you enter the next world with the left foot stepping forward first. If you moved first with the right foot, you would stay in the past. 

Will continue the evening tour in a few hours. Gotta get to bed. Another early morning lays ahead!