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Day 4 – Seti Temple & Hathor Temple

November 1st, 2018

It is Thursday today and as we were going on our way to Abydos, and the temple of Seti, we came across some markets on the side of the road and there was a lot of raw meat hanging in these roadside markets. Our guide informed us that they do these market days on Thursdays and they are treated as a celebration. This is typically the day when many babies are conceived. On the day before they plan the market, they bring a sheep, or whatever animal they choose, to the street to show it off and then it is killed and freshly hung for sale the next day at the market. It is this meat that is highly sought after for buying. It is believed that the consumption of this fresh meat, gives the man the strength he needs to help conceive a child.

It is interesting to observe that there are not very many women walking in the streets. It is mostly the men who are out.

Whilst riding on the bus I noticed that the scenery here is nothing but desert. As we were getting closer to the villages, leaving the desert land, I observed that there was a fair bit of farming sprinkled throughout. I have no idea what the crops are but the green vegetation sure stood out. The villages are pretty rundown. Many houses have thatched roofs where the middle has fallen in. I saw a cute little child standing in the doorway of one of these places and you could see that their living area was pretty much just underneath what was left of the existing roof, around the edges and not in the middle.

The backbone and the head of Osiris were buried here in Abydos, our morning meditation is here at the temple of Seti. Here, it is believed that Set came back to life as Seti to do some healing on the karma regarding him killing his brother, Osiris, in his previous life as Set. Seti means ‘I who was Set.’ He was trying to make things right. It is believed there is a temple underneath Abydos to honour Osiris.

Together, we all participated and Yantara, once again, spoke the language of light. We connected with all the chakras to activate them. With the number of people in our group doing the same and then sending out the frequencies of love, appreciation and gratitude you can’t help but feel like you’re bathed in the vibrations of gold, diamonds and roses. There are huge benefits to being with a group of people like this. When you expand yourself that big and everybody’s doing the same thing, activations, meditations and upgrades seem to be stronger.

A short walk outside reveals an area where the Flower of Life is lasered into the pillar. The Flower of Life is a geometrical shape composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower-like pattern with six-fold symmetry like a hexagon. It is believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things and is the visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings. We did a meditation from a distance on reconnecting with our original blueprint, that of our original self before imbalance, disharmony and dis-ease, held within the flower of life. We asked for that upgrade and reconnection with that powerful pattern.

From here, we boarded the bus to head to Dendera Temple (Hathor).

It is suggested that the Hathor temple was a place of love and joy with dancing and music. The hieroglyphs show Sekhmet playing a drum with bigger than normal hips which symbolizes shaking of the hips. Another depiction of another being playing the harp. The large columns in this Hathor (Dendera) Temple have the faces of Hathor’s that look like they’d been destroyed and chiselled but actually, they all used to have gold over their faces and the gold had been removed. So much gold!

I could just imagine what these places looked like when they were in full colour with all of that gold still in place. In one of the areas, there was a block of stone lifted from the floor which revealed the tops of other columns showing that there was another temple below this one. They cannot destroy temples so they just bury and build on top. I find this mind-boggling as the columns are massive. So there is a lot of burying. Hmmm… 

My rose and platinum bowl seemed to have a stronger frequency in this temple.

The ancient Egyptians had a great interest and worshipped the summer solstice as well as other significant cycles. They built structures to honour the power of the sun’s patterns. There was an area where, once a year, they placed a particular golden statue of Hathor (the Goddess of Merrymaking) in the pathway of the first summer solstice light that shone through a small opening in the rock. This shining of the light on this day, on this statue, was believed to activate it. They were very committed to activating statues. After this day, it was removed for the remaining of the year and brought out again the following year on this special day, which is considered to be the start of a new year.

Yantara performed a meditation and activation in a room with the very strong Stargate of Venus. On the ceiling showed Nut (Goddess of the Sky). Really spectacular! A few of us played our bowls in this space which enhanced the experience. The Hathor’s are the beings of sound, after all. 

The ceiling in another room has an inscription of the zodiac. It is in a circular pattern with a focus on the four directions. Everything has meaning and is respected. Such a focus on natural cycles. ie: seven days in a week, 12 months in a year, etc.

I took a video inside the temple today and when done, I was told that video is not allowed, but they said I could keep it. One of our guide’s daughters chuckled and said, she figured that mischief follows me, and she laughed, after all, she took the video for me so I pointed out that perhaps we were similar. 😂. I will be interviewing her on video tomorrow.

Came back to the boat and had dinner then wrote this blog and headed to bed. I am overwhelmed with all the significant meanings put into the structures of these temples. Off to dreamland in my room on this Nile riverboat cruise. I feel blessed. 🙏