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Day 5 – Temple of Hatshepsut & The Valley of the Queens

November 2nd, 2018

4:00 am wake up to transport to a sunrise meditation at the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.  Hatshepsut was the longest reigning female pharaoh in Egypt, ruling for 20 years in the 15th century B.C., and is considered one of Egypt’s most successful pharaohs. A lot of Hatshepsut’s temple, which was built into the hill, was destroyed. Some of it is being uncovered but not a lot is open to the public yet.

It was noticed, on the way to the temple, that there were a lot of tombs built into the sand hills. Some look just like holes into the hills and some have structures built over them. There were many hot air balloons in the sky heading up to catch the amazing sunrise over the area of Hatshepsut Temple. They looked really amazing, spotting the sky with their colours. We arrived just before sunrise and aligned ourselves at the front of the temple to face the sunrise. A meditation to the sun… this temple is well known for this.

We left the temple and headed to the Valley of the Queens. This is a place of many tombs. A new tomb just opened to the public and it is in unbelievable condition. It is the tomb of a child, roughly around the age of 10. We received a great explanation from our guide who was able to depict the pictures and glyphs on the walls that told the story of the boy going through the journey of his passing to eternal life. This showed him journeying through gates, being lead by his father until he reached the final gate and entered into eternal life. The walls of colourful pictures are behind glass for preservation. It’s so amazing to see all that the Egyptians went through during these times and how their stories live on through these pictures and hieroglyphs. On one of the walls, it showed someone using tuning forks for healing. I’ve started doing sessions on the boat now and am using tuning forks during some of the sessions. They are better understood with this exposure.

We left and spent time on the boat cruising. This gave us some down time to enjoy our cruise and the scenery on the banks of the river. Five times a day there are calls to prayer. They are sent out quite loudly from a mosque and it seems to really ring out across the water. Sounds soothing.

After supper, we went by horse and carriage to Edfu (city of) to the temple of Horus, the Falcon God. We had 25 horse-drawn carriages in our procession. It was quite neat going through the town and seeing it this way.

After about a 20-minute ride, we arrived at the temple and watched a brilliant light show at the temple that told the story of Horus. It was quite moving and brilliant with colours. We will go back to experience this temple during the day but it was nice to see it like this at night.

On the way back there were so many people lining the streets on chairs gathered around watching random televisions in the streets. They were watching a soccer game that had them very excited. It was so fun to see the streets so alive like this.

We have now arrived back at the boat with hopes of a really good night’s sleep.

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow to catch up on blogging, pictures and visiting. I feel so blessed to be back here in this wonderful country!