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Day 7 – Aswan & Felucca boats

November 4, 2018

I can’t help but think about floating on the Nile and its alignment with the Milky Way. There are even stories about another river of gold that runs in the opposite direction below this one. Oh, there’s so much we don’t know! So much is out of our comprehension but I’m open to it all. Expanding my mind with information and experiences is a favourite for me.

Had some leisurely time today on the boat. Then we docked in Aswan and at 4:00 we headed out to a Felucca ride to watch the sunset. We had 6 boats. These Felucca boats are like sailboats. Little boys sat on paddle boards and would come to each boat singing songs in hopes that we would give money.

Our guide took an empty water bottle and dipped it in the river water. I couldn’t believe how crystal clear it was and had no smell and was nice and cold. He said that just a little further up, away from where the boats dock, the water is great for drinking. There was a shrine built atop a hill. We asked our guide what it was for. He stated that years ago the Egyptians believed that anyone who was born mentally handicapped, was not from this planet. When they died they would build a shrine for them. We cruised along Elephantine Island and watched a gorgeous sunset and then headed back for supper.

After the meal, we walked to a market. It is one mile long and had so many vendors. It’s quite different than some of the other markets I’ve been to in other countries. The vendors seem to have a lot of fun and are quite respectful. There was such a mixture of goods. There are so many locals and such cute and friendly little kids. I really love immersing myself into the culture of the country I’m in.

Came back exhausted, had an organizers meeting, then slipped into bed. I’m grateful that I have my own room. It would be tough on a roomy if I had to keep them awake with my blogging. Laying my head down feeling grateful for this opportunity.