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Day 9 – Temple of Horus and Interview with Luke Elijah

November 6, 2018

It is said that Horus (Edfu) built his temple atop his Uncle Set’s Temple, who killed his father Osiris, symbolic of the light conquering the dark. We experienced part of this temple at night a few days ago but now we’ll see it in the day.

We had free time on the boat until 2:00 pm, so I did a couple of sessions. Then we left the boat and jumped on horse and carriages to travel to Edfu Temple, which is the Temple of Horus. As we rode down the streets I noticed how alive they were with the smells of incense and freshly baked bread and people scurrying about the streets. Young children running alongside the carriage just to say hello. So beautiful! A beautiful experience of Egypt.

We arrived at the temple and saw that the floor in the common area was partially smooth with new stones while the other part was the uneven original stone. As the years have passed, there was a concern that the uneven floor was a tripping hazard for tourists so they started to uplift the original uneven floor to build a smoother one. It was then that they noticed the top of columns of the Temple of Set that confirmed that Horus built on top of Set’s Temple to conquer him. They stopped pulling up the floor so as not to release any of this energy from below.

Our guide clarified some of the stories told in the hieroglyphs on the walls. It was prophesied that Horus was to conquer his Uncle Set, for having killed his father Osiris. He was leary to do this but due to the prophecy and the sport of his mother, Isis, he went on his journey to complete the task. The pictures along the wall showed the story as it moved along. Everything has so much meaning when you know how to read it. We are grateful for our guide, Emil. For example, the hippo inscription represents darkness. I can better understand the flow of this information, though in no way could I interpret it.

There was a room, within the temple, that had all the information of common diseases written on the walls and their cures. I could feel and smell this room. It had some smell of bats but there was an underlying smell of medicines for these diseases. I’m sure I smelled this through my subtle senses, though a few others expressed that they had the same experience. Perhaps some people may have downloaded the codes for the healing of these diseases.

All of these temples that we have visited show large statues of the gods with their left foot forward. This is so that they can come back to life. However, if they lead with the right, they wouldn’t be able to come back. On one of the statues, the left foot was destroyed by someone so that they couldn’t come back.

The doors entering this temple were said to be two feet thick and made of solid cedar. The doors are no longer there, but you could see where the hinges were, showing that they must have stood 25-30 feet high.

I didn’t resonate all that well with the feel of this temple. It felt very heavy compared to Isis Temple… perhaps the strong difference between the feminine and the masculine energies. Nonetheless, it was still awe-inspiring.

We returned to the boat via horse and carriage. I did an interview with Luke, our photographer, that I posted on Facebook and also on our YouTube channel (see link at the bottom of the blog) and then he offered me a Thai massage. It was really great. I had no idea my neck and back were out so much!

After supper, it was recognized that there was some heaviness in the group so the organizers had a meeting and decided that we should have a party to help move some of these energies out. What an incredible party it was! There were few girls from China that were excellent belly dancers and dressed in their costumes and performed. Many others dressed up in Egyptian costumes that they had brought. I borrowed a dress from the onboard store and an Egyptian mask and joined in the dancing and partying. Everyone had so much fun! The staff on board brought out their drums and performed for us. Such a great time! It was a good way to wrap up our time on the boat. We leave for the Red Sea tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to a date with my pillow now.

Click on the image to watch Martha’s interview with Luke Elijah: