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Everything Exists As A Courtesy To Everything Else

October 16th

Everything Exists As A Courtesy To Everything Else.

Had a good solid sleep.  That ‘fasting’ thing sure is good.  Makes one sleep really deeply.  Got up and had a delicious hot oatmeal breakfast with fruit and numerous seeds, nuts and berries to put in it.  Then we loaded the vehicle to head back down to the ocean to spend some great time with Craig Foster . Craig figured we had 1.5 hours of good viewing of all the life under the water before the tide started to come in.  He said, based on the fact that it is a full moon today, the tide’s variance is more extreme, about 2 metres in water level difference.  Craig has spent a great deal of time studying ocean life and is very passionate about it.  He said in the past few years he has discovered 40 new animals, some very minute, that have never been discovered before.  He spends every day exploring.  He said that he is being mentored by an amazing biologist who has been doing the same thing as him, but for 50 years.  Craig is incredibly passionate about his work.  We gathered around as he rolled over a rock and exposed thousands of species.  We often tend pay attention to more of the larger mammals in the oceans or the ones on land, and seldom give credit to the smaller ones.  One can sure see the cooperation of all life forms in support of each other, when you see it like this.  I have a framed picture in my room that I got from Dr Robert Cass that says…. Everything Exists As A Courtesy To Everything Else.  That rings through so clearly here.  No wonder, with all of this plant and animal life as food, that the first homo sapiens came from here.  We saw an octopus, who did an incredible job of camouflaging in each environment that he was in, as he was moved a couple of times just for us to witness this.  I could go on and on, but this is something that needs to be witnessed.  Just to think that we are only standing on the shore… the deeper you go, the larger the ocean life and so much more.  Although we can’t all just jump to go to Africa we can witness this in our own lakes, oceans, rivers,, streams, as well as all the plant and minute animal life in our own backyards.

We all found a quiet place to meditate and then had a beautiful tea break on the beach.  We returned for some integration time.  We had a very deep group conversation about many things.  One of them was everyone’s views, thoughts and ideas on the state of the planet.  It was enlightening to hear Craig’s views.  He instilled in us a lot of hope.  There is good evidence that nature can recover.  Craig feels that we really do not know what is going on and that the intelligence of nature is far more supreme than we ever realize.  He made a strong statement that registered deeply with me, ‘if you take it on, you become part of the problem’.  There really is a fine line, and a deeper level of understanding that can really make the difference.  The beautiful thing that I am witnessing here is that the ocean here is so abundant in life.  There’s been so much talk back home about the poor state of the oceans, but what I witnessed today is astounding.   This topic is another one that should be discussed deeper in person.

After lunch we gathered for some group conversation and some pics of the documentary that Craig is working on regarding the reenactment of Human Origin as it was 100,000 years ago.  Can’t wait for the completed film.  One of the things that I found so interesting that he spoke of, was the fact that people did not start wearing clothes till about 80,000 years ago.  The weather was apparently cooler prior to then, and yet they survived well, naked.  He said to immerse ourselves in nature and become the human animal that we truly are and lose our softness.

One of the girls came up to me and said ‘and why did we think it was so much more important to put our children in schools to learn when the greatest teachers are in nature’ .  I hope that more people immerse themselves and their children into the great outdoors, and become vulnerable to all that inhabit it.  ‘What We Love We Protect’ So spend time in nature and fall in love with it, as we are not separate from it, but we are part of it.  This is really simple if we all just do it, we can make huge positive changes in our world.

We then spent some time watching a Southern Right Whale breaching out of the water in front of us.  It was spectacular.  Now more integration time and then a supper.  I think that I will end this now and prepare for a powerful day tomorrow, immersed in the waters of the Indian Ocean and a ceremony of remembering using Ochre stone paint on ourselves.  I am intrigued and am looking forward to tomorrow.

60,000 years ago, people started leaving Africa to head to other lands (now countries).  I’m thrilled to be returning back after all these years.  I will look up at the moon and envision the unity of all of us as we all take in the energies of it’s power.