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Hippos and Lions in Africa come visit our camp

October 22nd

Hippos and Lions in Africa come visit our camp last night.   It’s amazing how well I sleep through this. Even got up in the middle of the night, with my flashlight, could see some eyes in the lights, but still felt comfortable in going.

Then awoke to a most gorgeous sunrise. A promise of another spectacular day! We saw a couple of honey badgers again……….ohhhhh could this mean another leopard sighting? We hope so. Our Guides tell us that it is not common to see honey badgers, we are so excited. They remind me a lot of our badgers. We learned a lot about the ecosystem around here. This area used to be an area for hunting. They stopped that several years ago and have noticed how much more relaxed the animals are. We continued our drive and as we were coming up to a turn onto another trail, a less conscious guy came speeding through a herd of elephants throwing the large herd into a state of panic and anger. We approached right after seeing this and a large matriarch stood in front of our jeep shaking her head and roaring. There were several other adult males and females rumbling and showing signs of aggression. I immediately felt the need to stay present and help to bring the energy down. It was amazing to watch our Guide calm the elephants, by communicating with them, especially the one in front of our jeep. Soon the energy started to settle and they all walked into the forest relaxed. We were told later that some of the Guides have been hunters and think that this animal connection is not real. They often have much different experiences with the animals. We were reassured that more and more Guides are taking interest in the examples that our Guides are showing them. We then drove into another area and we heard some alarm calls from the birds again and 100 metres up the road, there it was, as promised by the honey badgers, another female leopard in a tree. My grandson, Avery, had asked if I could please get a picture of a leopard in a tree for him. I giggled and told him that I would do my best. Thanks Avery, for putting that out there. We watched her for awhile and then she climbed out of the tree and down to the ground where she walked on. We decided to vacate the area. Later we found out from another Guide that was there, that she killed another wild cat while they watched, just after we left. They are very territorial. It’s amazing what happens when we are just the observer in nature.


We then went to a place and went on a tracking walk. Alwyn was loaded with information about all that we saw. I love being out of the truck and amongst all of this. We had several large bull elephants around us, though we did keep our distance and managed to make our trek around them as they headed to the river to drink and bathe.

Back for lunch and taking some time to journal. It’s a little hard to do this and get in the headspace in this extreme heat. Another shower to cool me off and get rid of this dirt that cakes us in these drives.

In the afternoon we headed out and we spotted a couple of giraffes, but they were acting strange. They were looking upstream, not drinking and seemed to be preoccupied with what they saw. We decided to drive upstream and a very short distance away was a vehicle with a guy on one side of the river and a woman just exiting the water on the other side with a camera. Hmmmmmm The guy stops us and asks if he thinks the water is shallow enough for his vehicle. Alwyn says yeah, but this water is full of crocs and I just saw one here earlier this morning and it took an impala right here. The look on the guys face was priceless………SERIOUSLY Tourists. I can’t believe she went through the water, it is literally infested with crocs, hippos, and so much more. She is very lucky.

I’m starting to long for the cold waters of the Cape that we submerged in with Craig Foster. So so hot.

We did an amazing ceremony with a zebra bone this evening. We are doing many ceremonies and they are so powerful. Everyone is shifting in a very big way.

This is not a place that is just for animals. We are human animals, we must coexist together, the animals actually expect and accept that. Another sign of pure oneness. This trip is something else.


Lilac Breasted RollerI am tired and full of so much right now. Bed followed supper, immediately. We are all exhausted. This is a very special special place. I wonder what my grandbabes would think of this. Wish I could bring all my family here. I shall hope to dream of them all tonight. Under more incredible stars, than before, I’m sure, though not correct. I fall to sleep feeling content and so full of love for this land we call earth.