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Preparing to bid Botswana Africa farewell.

October 24th

Preparing to bid Botswana Africa farewell.  Last night, we all put together gifts to give to or Guides’ staff to take back to their villages. There was an abundance of gifts. They were so grateful for our generosity. Feels so good to be giving.

Preparing to bid Botswana Africa farewellWell today is the day that we are leaving. Up at 5:00 and on our way by 6:30. A slightly cooler day with some cloud cover. I have had an incredible time here and go away with so many experiences and a stronger understanding of these wildlands. I am ok to be leaving this place, and looking forward to going home. I realize that I live in a place full of nature and it’s all around us, if we just pay attention to it. There is so much life in the wild lands of every place on earth. Not just Africa, can’t wait to set foot on Canadian soil.

As we drive through the early morning towards Maun airport we are stopped by the incredible presence of Cape Buffalo. This is the first time that we have seen them. Wow, these are powerful animals. This is one time I do not want to be out of the jeep. I then begin to wonder why we saw male lions at the beginning of the trip and lionesses only since then. Even the leopards were all female. That thought scarcely dances long enough in my mind when all of a sudden there, about 30 yards from the side of the road is a large male leopard. We stop and watch him as he is totally focused and seemingly, unaware, of our presence. He is on the hunt. Preparing to bid Botswana Africa farewellWe spot a family of warthogs ahead, of course he has tuned into them already, hence his stalking approach he is making on them. He is so focused that he walks across the road right in front of us and continuous his strategic plan of attack. Suddenly the birds sound their alarm calls and the warthogs are warned and on alert. The leopard continues his pursuit in the most calm way, not rushing but committed to his plan. We watch this until we decide it is time to go. I am not sorry that I did not witness a kill, but am so grateful to have been visited by the male leopard to end our journey. We continue on to Maun where we have a lunch at a really great coffee shop, owned by Alwyn and his parents. His mother’s cooking has been amazing. We are only 2 minutes from the airport and meander there for our departure from Alwyn and Johann and the amazing land of Botswana. Never ever to be forgotten.

Preparing to bid Botswana Africa farewellThis trip has brought many ceremonies, gatherings, sightings, camaraderie, soul searching and rediscovering. I feel content to be in my thoughts and return back to Johannesburg for one final gathering and group interaction. I shall remain silent.


This land provides a home for all,

for every creature big or small,

If one could drop from head to heart,

And notice we are all a part,


Of a fabric intricately woven,

With many gifts we’ve all been given,

Then never more will we feel alone,

But complete within our universal home.