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Primal Re-connection

Oct 17th

A day of remembering through primal re-connection.

Last night after supper the full moon rose above the ocean in all it’s splendor.  I asked if I could perform a full moon ceremony as it appeared that everyone was just going to head off to their respective nests till morning.  We lit some candles, gathered round and did a beautiful ceremony.  Then took it outside.  After everyone went to bed, my roommate and our neighboring roommate decided to have another one outside on our balcony.  We burnt our offerings to the moon, that we had wrote down on paper.  I then was ecstatic to see the picture that I took and how clear it was.  Then to bed which put me in a deep sleep.

After our delicious breakfast, we loaded in the van and headed to a beach.  Up in the rocks was a cave where we all gathered around and Craig explained that we would be partnering up and putting Ochre on each others faces, neck and shoulders, fully covering the skin.  Ochre is a red rock that we turned into powder by rubbing another rock against it.  This is what the ancestors used to paint themselves in ceremony, for skin protection against the sun, and used for ingesting for a stomach upset.  It feels like the best skin cream.  It is like talcum powder with oil in it.  Then we used yellow clay to paint on the face and hair.  We were then given jewellery made from shells, whale bone, seal teeth, dolphin vertebra (as it would have been made 100,00 yrs ago) and animal skins to cover and adorn us.   Then Mbali  came around and blessed and initiated us with a silvery powder that was extracted from a cave mineral called Specuralite.  (this powder helps to tie together one of the mysteries of my experience in the cave with Peter Nilssen) This was an unbelievable experience to reconnect us to our ancestral, primal selves.  We had a very powerful ritual after this among the caves and rocks, that is not something I can write about at this time.

We were asked to refrain from taking photos.  This was greatly respected and then Craig photographed us all individually.  This was an honour to be photographed by such an incredible person in his field of capturing moments through the eye of his lens.

We sat and had lunch in silence.

When it was all complete we headed down to the water where Mbali and 3 young men who are being mentored by her and Craig, did a water ceremony for each one of us individually, but submerging and suspending us in the water while she performed each persons cleansing.

This was incredibly powerful…………..this entire day.  The Ochre, the rock paint, the community, the jewellery, the skins, the water, the caves, the mirrors, the time spent alone in silence and just remembering where we came from.  This is an experience I shall never forget.

We left to head back to our showers along Chapman’s  Peak Drive.  This is considered to be the most stunning drive in the country.  Breathtaking views as you ride the mountain road along the shoreline.  This road was built through the rock during the second world war by Italian prisoners.  Absolutely stunning scenery.
Ceremony with Ochre and yellow clay

There were 12 mountain peaks that were pointed out to us and they are called the 12 disciples.

After showers to try to remove this paint and ochre, we sat for supper and then and early night to bed.  This has been, yet another, incredible day!  I am heading into a peaceful night of sleep under the rising moon that is appearing to be quite red/orange.  I wonder what sleep time will bring to me tonight.  Good Night to you all.