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Welcome to the Amaryllis Crystal Garden!


We offer a unique collection of products such as, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that will fill your senses with healing sounds, colours and textures, Alae Eros Modal Mantra Scarves, Zakay Glass Lighting, Tuning Forks, jewellery, crystals and Mystics Bronze Artwork.

Feel at one with nature, and capture the tranquility and benefits that will be yours with Amaryllis Crystal Garden. Surrounded by the natural beauty and strength of the Canadian Rockies in Banff Alberta, you will find our place a peaceful space in which to relax, rejuvenate and heal the mind, body and spirit.

Our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are made of the highest quality (99.992% pure!) quartz crystal, making them incredibly resonant.

These tones are not just heard by the ear, the tones produced by crystal bowls are felt throughout your body. Certain tones affect your energy centres (chakras) for healing, balancing and meditation.

Browse through our site and see what wonderful and unique products and services that we have to offer, or come see us in Banff and truly experience the sacred sound healing gifts of the earth!

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Yantara Jiro is Coming Back to Canada!

Yantara will be offering workshops and performing a couple of sound baths both in Cochrane and in Banff. He will also be offering personal treatments. Please visit the workshops page for more information.

Special Offer from Yantara…

Yantara has made a special offer to anyone who buys an alchemy crystal singing bowl at our Banff store on Sunday February 12th. He will be there from 10am-6pm and will inscribe your new bowl with light language that is unique to you and your bowl.

Martha’s Sound Bath CD is Now Available


  Wish you could have more sound baths with Martha and the alchemy singing bowls? Now you can! Come in and purchase her new CD and have a sound bath whenever you want! The CD starts with a 30 minute meditation set to nature sounds and the alchemy singing bowls. This is followed by 16 minutes of just the alchemy singing bowls for you to enjoy.

We are offering the CD at a special Christmas price of $20.00 +GST until December 31st. As of the new year, the cost will go to the regular price of $25.00 + GST each.

Come get one now before they sell out!

Sound Baths Every Friday and Full Moon, unless otherwise noted. Sound Baths Start at 7:30pm – Space is Limited so Call to Book Your Spot!


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